Your Online Examination….

It’s February now and we are hoping that you’ve finally shaken off the hangover from 2016 and worked through the tasks which piled up over the Christmas break.  So now it’s time to take stock, assess and have a deep look into your digital presence and how you can work to improve it this year.

Your Website

There is a lot you need to be aware with when you’re looking at your website.  So we’ve broken it down to some actionable points so you can make sure your site is looking ship shape.

Your Domain

Let’s begin with the basics.  Are you the registered domain owner?  You should be.  Other things to check up include checking that your domain reflects the services you provide.  If you aren’t sure where your domain ownership lies you can look it up here.

Your Hosting

You now know where your site address is registered, but how about the hosting of the website itself?  Hosting is the area online where your website is actually housed.  If everything’s running smoothly then you won’t need to worry about your hosting, but if you are running up against issues with your emails and website it might be down to a hosting issue.
Find out where it’s hosted, the memory allotted, and the resources available for it.  If it’s not enough to support your needs you should consider updating your hosting platform to make sure you are getting all the support and resources you need.

Your Website

Once you’ve got your platform and domain sorted it’s now time to take a look at your website itself.  You need to make sure you are backing it up regularly – contact your developer or hosting provider to make sure that you’ve got back up systems in place in order to prevent the worst from happening.
When you’re sure that your site is safe you need to make sure that your keeping it up to date.  Old, slow and ugly websites will result in a high bounce rate and your potential clients using your competitors instead.  So make sure your website looks modern, and has been updated recently.  No one is going to trust a website whose blog area hasn’t been updated since January 2012.  If you’d like to take a look at website services, or a new website – then look no further!

Your Social Media

Are you really in charge of your social media?  You’d be surprised how many businesses aren’t even sure what social media platforms they have set up or how often they post on them.  The main ways people lose track of their social media presence include: Getting someone to dabble with their social media to help out, having more than one account on each network with confused logins/names, inconsistent messages being sent across platforms, or failing to lock down your brand across social channels.

So – what should a healthy social media presence look like?

Your social medias should all be; locked down across all platforms, even if you’re not planning to use them all, secured with regularly changed passwords, consistent with page names, images and branding, and linked to your website.

Strategy, Strategy and Strategy

We’ve been working in social media marketing for years and well know our Facebook from our Pintrest – so if your business or brand needs help getting your digital strategy together than get in touch now and let’s see how we can help.

We know that this all seems like a lot – but a bit of effort to consolidate and take back control of your own online presence can really help improve your visitor and engagement rates.  This will lead to improved sales and a higher ROI.
If you’re not sure how to get started on your own digital audit then get in touch today and we can take a full online audit of your website and get together some actionable points to make sure your online presence gets off to a storming start.

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