Your Holiday Social Media Survival Guide

It might just be us, but the holidays seem to be approaching rather too quickly for comfort. Perhaps you know the feeling, particularly as a business owner. Not only are you trying to get into the holiday spirit with far more demands on your time on the domestic front – parties to go to, beaches to visit– than usual but you’ve got work to do, a business to run, orders to fulfil, customers and clients to deal with. You may be thinking that keeping on top of social media during the holiday period just seems like a step too far – but think again. Our Holiday Social Media Survival Guide will keep you on track.

  1. Scheduling will save your sanity

If you haven’t already investigated social media scheduling tools, now is the time to do so – and quickly. By the power of Hootsuite, or Buffer or whichever platform you choose, you will be able to keep up your Facebook posts and tweets, and manage your LinkedIn updates throughout the holiday period. You can even schedule Instagram posts now. It’s also worth knowing that Facebook has its own scheduling tool that you can use. If Facebook is the only social media platform your business uses, this is definitely worth getting to grips with.

  1. Set time aside

We know you are busy – possibly manically so – and finding time to do one more thing may seem like an impossible ask but do it. Set aside some time, draw up some goals for what you want to achieve through social media over holidays, and plan. The time itself may be a matter of a mere couple of weeks away, but you can still set goals and create a strategy to make your social media presence work for your business during the summer period. And the last thing you want to be doing is tweeting in a hurry after the holidays and a couple of Pimms because “it seemed like as good a time as any”…
Drunk Owl

  1. Goals are great

So we mentioned goals earlier – setting measurable and achievable goals is a fundamental part of any social media plan, whether you’re looking at a year, 6 months, or 6 weeks over the Summer Holidays. Do you want to generate more sales? Increase engagement with your followers? Or simply maintain your business’ online presence? Set your goals, create your messages and build your content around them.

  1. Use your creativity this nativity

Whether it’s as simple as giving your social media profile pictures and cover images a Summery makeover or really going to town with your holiday ideas (providing they are consistent with your goals and messages, of course), Summer is a time to be creative. Take the opportunity to show another side to the business that perhaps hasn’t been acknowledged. It’s a great time of year to highlight any charities you support, to thank people or other businesses that have supported your business throughout the year, or to run a promotion.

  1. And finally…

Well, it is the season of tourism after all – so try to have fun and get into the spirit of things – although check with your staff before you start showcasing them in their Summer bikini’s on social media! Remember too that you can use your social media platforms to let your customers know that, like them, you’ll be taking a break and putting your feet up over the Summer period. Enjoy!
Here at WebAdept, we can offer social media support and advice.  We can help with your strategy and how to align your social media with the rest of your digital marketing efforts. Whether you’d like to speak to us now or in the New Year we’d love to hear from you!

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