WordPress 4.0. – Should I update my WordPress website?

You may have been recently notified that WordPress wants you to update your WordPress website.  Here at Web Adept we do recommend staying in touch with the latest WordPress platform updates.  WordPress release these updates in order to stay ahead of current security threats, bug fixes and feature updates.
And so, WordPress has launched its latest major update, WordPress 4.0.  WordPress 4.0 has some great new security features and has been designed with the aim of making plug-in management and content writing easier and more effective.
However as more and more updates fly past you it’s easy to fall behind in your updates.  If quite a few updates have been and gone doing a major WordPress update may seriously set your website off kilter and affect the way your website looks and functions dramatically.

So, should I update my website to WordPress 4.0?

Because of the risk inherent in processing a major WordPress update we recommend contacting us so that we can take a full back-up of your website before going ahead with the update in order to ensure that if the worst was to happen then your website will be back up and functioning correctly as soon as possible.
Unfortunately battling with updates and bug-fixing is the nature of web design.  If you had a website built by us a year ago the WordPress software is different to what it is functioning with today.  We build our websites on the latest WordPress platform at the time of creation and so we are unable to guarantee that a new major update will not upset it.   To cover these eventualities we do offer our customers Service Level Agreements which offer a level of guarantee that we will update your website, and fix any bugs within it, as part of the service.
If you’re interested in taking advantage of this new WordPress update but would like a guarantee that  your website will  not lose functionality or appeal then why not contact us now?  If it’s a one-off fix or a service level agreement you’re after we will be able to help.
Or have a look at a few of the service updates with this video straight from the horses mouth.

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