Why Wouldn’t You Outsource Your Online Marketing?

online marketing outsourcingEffective online marketing is the best way to help your business grow.
In order to grow you need to have an online marketing infrastructure that’s flexible, scalable and above all, affordable.
So what’s best?
Do you outsource your online marketing or manage it in-house?

The Benefits of Outsourcing

You are allowed to service your own car, but you still take it to a mechanic, right?
There are lots of reasons to outsource your online marketing. Here are the most compelling.


What are your strengths? Shouldn’t you be using your time and expertise where they are most needed?
By outsourcing your online marketing you will keep you and your staff free to do what you do best. After all, if your online marketing agency is doing anything right, you will have lots of new customers to deal with!


Like any marketing, to maximise profit your online marketing spend and strategy needs to stay flexible. Your requirements might vary greatly from one month to the next.
Outsourcing gives you absolute flexibility and adaptability. You can scale your marketing up and down as your budget and demand allows. When you consider the flexibility of this approach against employing a full time marketing team, it makes clear financial sense.


By outsourcing to an external company you will benefit from the collective expertise of a team of online marketing specialists. They will ensure that you are always using the most effective marketing channels, that your SEO strategy evolves with the latest Google updates and that you are utilising the best tools and resources on the market.
It’s like having a team of in-house online marketing professionals, at a fraction of the cost.


One of the most common reasons for companies managing their online marketing in-house is that they don’t want to lose control.
When you outsource your online marketing, part of the package should always include in-depth monitoring and regular, clear reporting. Using the latest tools and software, your online marketing company will make sure you have all the relevant data, measurements and metric and an explanation of what they all mean.
It’s completely transparent and is likely to leave you feeling far more in control that if your marketing was managed in-house.

If you manage your online marketing in-house it might seem like the cheapest option. However, if you take into account the cost of your time, the cost of paying extra wages, and the results you are missing out on by not using specialists, it quickly becomes a false economy.

We offer a flexible and affordable online marketing management service which is designed to offer SMEs great value for money. We will manage every aspect of your online marketing and tailor our service to match your unique business objectives.

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By Angus Findlay

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