Why SEO Works

Imagine organising an elaborate party, then not telling anyone where it is!

That is like investing in a fabulous website, that no one can find. After all, there are over 1.7 billion websites live today.

That is why Search Engine Optimisation is vital. It creates website visibility and drives traffic to your pages. SEO is not just tech jargon – or a web ‘bolt-on service’ – it can be the most important marketing you do.

To prove that, here is why SEO works.

Why SEO works – fascinating statistics!

Why SEO works
Up to 3.5 billion searches on Google per day!

The live tally of Google searches today will make you dizzy to watch. On average, it records 40,000 search questions per second. Yes, per second.

That’s people entering queries about products, services and places, as well as searching for news snippets and health insights for example. Some of those searches will be for the products and services YOU sell. Using ‘keywords’ that Google algorithms use to compile search results.

An increasing range and volume of purchasing decisions start with a Google search. Not just for consumers, but business buyers too.

For example, searches that include the phrase “near me today/tonight” have increased by an eye-watering 900% over a two-year period.

Also, when people do a local search on their phone, 76% visit a physical place within the next 24 hours.

Don’t even get us started on the many billions of pounds that people spend online in the UK – often after using a Google search!

Do search page rankings matter?

The search results that appear in response to a query are Google’s assessment of which pages are most relevant to the words used in the search. It ranks websites according to such factors as how unique, authoritative and informative content is, and whether the keywords are smoothly integrated into the site’s architecture and text.

This is possible because the tech giant’s highly sophisticated algorithms are constantly ‘crawling’ across websites and assessing their value. (Hence they are sometimes referred to as spider bots.)

Google places the websites with the strongest SEO factors on the first page.

Does it matter if your pages rank poorly, and you appear further down search results? Absolutely! In fact, research shows that over a quarter (28.5%) of searchers click on the first result on the first page. The chances of someone clicking on your link then diminishes the further down the rankings you are, until by 10th place you get only 2.5% of click-throughs. Searchers rarely venture on page two of results!

Why expert SEO help is crucial

Having shown how and why SEO works, there is something else vital to consider.

SEO is crucial to connecting your products and services to your potential customers, but that only applies if you know HOW to make SEO work!

You will find plenty of SEO experts promising a quick result and an appearance high in search page rankings. However, much of this is smoke and mirrors. Website visibility and success depend on a consistent and well-orchestrated SEO strategy – not a one-hit-wonder.

As well as appearing high on page results long term, you also need powerful enough SEO to attract the ‘right’ click-throughs.

To evaluate why SEO works for YOU, you can’t just get excited about generating lots of traffic to your website – if that doesn’t translate into sales. Your page visitors must be consumers and business decision-makers genuinely interested in your products and services. In other words, a steady stream of leads you can convert.

Why SEO works with WebAdept

The ‘searchers’ are there, making buying decisions via Google search results. So how can you be sure your SEO strategy is effective enough, over time? Also, how do you achieve consistently high page rankings on Bing, Yahoo and lesser-known search engines?

The answer is to use award-winning SEO specialists WebAdept.

The team use the most advanced search engine monitoring tools available, to stay one step ahead of Google algorithms for example. We also analyse your website using the latest quantitative and qualitative measures, to find SEO deficits or barriers. For instance, did you know poor load speeds and navigation can dent your search results rankings?

In fact, the way your website is designed and built is crucial to SEO in other ways too. Search engine success is tied up in something called hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP). This is the system that structures how browsers interact with web pages, making it vital to create pages using the advice of experts in the technical aspects of SEO-rich websites.

We use our experience and expertise to find ways to improve SEO within your content and off-page activities too. Such as quality backlinks.

Next, we create an effective SEO strategy for your website updates and changes. Things you can do to constantly develop your website’s ability to attract organic traffic to your pages.

First step to SEO that works

There are no ‘magic bullets’ for SEO that works. However, we do offer systematic and thorough monitoring and reporting, a solutions-drive approach and creativity in lead generation via website visibility!

Get in touch for an informal chat to explore why SEO works for your business, and to start benefiting from our insights.

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