Why Pembrokeshire isn't ready for Social Media!!

Why Pembrokeshire isn’t ready for Social Media!!

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Web Adept have for 2012 have been experimenting with Social Media Workshops run by highly regarded professionals in their field. We always deliver the best we can as we’re passionate about the business area we work in. Topics covered included Twitter, Facebook, Hootsuite, and LinkedIn to name a few. All targeted at getting local Pembrokeshire businesses to use these ‘free’ social platforms properly so to generate additional PR and revenue. We tried to get funding from the usual bodies but all the doors were closed.
Take up has been OK and we’ve broken even on the experiment. Its a shame as they should have been full. I was discussing this with one of the delegates and this is what they emailed:
“I am afraid that it is a very Pembrokeshire thing. The reality is that geographically we are more or less on the end of the line and that it we don’t get our act together with regard to websites, social media and a cohesive strategy then we are just going to drop off the edge. It is like the ostrich thing of sticking your head in the sand and hoping everything will happen any way – the fact is it will not. I get annoyed because the same people who will not pay what is a relatively small amount to educate themselves around social media etc will happily spend £60 quid for a meal with wine/bear that is just a momentary pleasure. A good internet strategy could pay for thousands of such things! Very short sighted and in the end defeating for the area on a business level and individual businesses financially.”
So I ask you all the question: Why are many businesses in Pembrokeshire so slow at embracing not only Social Media but web sites and search marketing?
Have a great weekend and look forward to your answers….
Heres a link to an article that may help: CLICK HERE

By Angus Findlay

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