Why do websites cost so much?

As with everything in life, you get what you pay for.

There seems to be a prevailing belief that things like website and online marketing should be very cheap.  The internet has become a part of our lives  that we take for granted, and because we can access so much on the internet without charge a belief has arisen that everything relating to the internet should be free.  When it comes to the creation of a website people want to cut corners and try and get it for as cheap as possible.  Maybe this has something to do with the fact that a website doesn’t take up a physical space, that you can’t hold it in your hands.  But that is one of the great things about a website as well.  It isn’t physical, but it can still be seen by anyone, anywhere in the world.

How we work out a websites cost

We work out the websites cost before we start building it.  Website can have high function requirements, for example an e-commerce site.  They can also have high level design demands.  Web Adept look at your project individually.  We assess what your website needs, and what you want your website to be and from there we calculate your website’s cost.  We provide a realistic quote based on a service which is personal, and aiming to provide a website which is catered to your exact needs.  Here are some factors which could affect your potential websites cost –

To put it simply, the more you require for a website the more complex it will be to build and the more your website will cost. 

You also have to remember that when you sign up for a new website with us you are not simply signing up for a wham-bam-thank you mam website design.  We offer a personal service.  We are always available on the phone or via email.  You aren’t just getting a website, with Web Adept you are also getting a team who are dedicated to you and your business.  We want you to get the web results you deserve.

If you have more questions about the breakdown of your website costs please give us a ring on 01437 720 033 or contact us here

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