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Whitehill Farm is situated a short distance from the Wye Valley in Monmouthshire and offers accommodation to visitors to the area in the format of self-catering and Bed & breakfast. Whitehill Farm previously had a website but identified that it was in need of a revamp with the added ability to manage the content in-house so contacted us for some help.
A website is seen as an essential tool to attract new potential sales from users looking for services on the Internet. We proposed to build a website for Whitehill Farm that will provide them with a 24/7 shop front and an effective tool to communicate with their community. We planned to modernise the image of the website, allow the use of the latest social tools and allow the user to be able to read about all the possible accommodation and the location. Having this information available will channel in potential visitors to the website from search engines, social media and other forms of marketing. All visitors will be tracked through a bolted on stats package so to check the web site performance, the heartbeat of the site.
Design Elements:
1) Simple navigation – users are usually impatient people so if a site is complicated and unclear they will immediately click away. Simple, easy to understand navigation is the key element for determining a website’s effectiveness.
2) Simple design – simple websites are more reachable to customers than heavy ones and shows off the text and images leaving an elegant and sophisticated look.
3) Memorable images – creating a lasting impression to make users want to come back to the site.
4) Bookmarking – allowing users to bookmark pages so they can be shared on social platforms to increase awareness and visibility of the company.
5) Trust badges – trust badges added to pages to let visitors know the information is real as trust and credibility are two of the most important building blocks when it comes to the success of your business.

Home page with simple design and navigation with memorable images:whitehill 1
Self catering page with trust badge and information on accommodation:whitehill 2

As you can see there is contact information at the top of every page with links to Facebook and Twitter to allow for bookmarking and also an integrated blog page to allow for the Whitehill Farm team to update with news which is a powerful tool for search engine optimisation (SEO).
To have a look round the website for yourself please click here.
If you like what you see and would be interested in a website that gets results or improving your existing site contact us now.
By Katy Thomas

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