Which 2015 Online Marketing Trends are still effective? Our Predictions

Back in January we posted this article, providing you with our forecast on the top SEO trends for 2015. Six months on, lets take a look at how things have unfolded so far and what we expect for the remainder of the year.

We predicted that:

  1. Search Engine Ranking and Content will become even more inextricably linked
  2. Unresponsive Websites will Fail
  3. Social Media will influence your ranking
  4. Quality Content will once again continue to have a larger impact on SEO
  5. All Aspects of Online Marketing will fuse

As you can see, the predictions were mostly focused on social media and content and we have indeed seen how companies that utilise Facebook, Twitter and Google+, as well as providing fresh and relevant content to their websites have benefited in the search engines.
However the prediction which has had the largest effect on online marketing and websites overall is Google’s algorithm which penalizes websites which aren’t mobile friendly. 
The total impact of Google’s big algorithm change in April has yet to be truly realised. However, as an example NBCsports.com was deemed not to be mobile friendly by Google their site received a 28% decrease in website traffic after the change. With over 50% of Google searches now taking place on mobile devices, Google will continue to place an emphasis on responsive websites until the user experience improves dramatically.

Web Adept’s Online Marketing Predictions for the rest of 2015

Google is placing an even greater emphasis on user experience and making the process as easy as possible, all the while directing traffic to relevant websites. As a result, if a website that is ranked at sixth or seventh in Google is receiving a higher CTR than those situated above it, it will quickly to climb up the rankings ahead of its competitors.

Having links directed at your website still has a tremendous impact on your SEO. Google has wised up to some of the ‘cowboy’ techniques that have been used previously (such as buying links), but inbound links from recent articles and valid sources will get you moving up the rankings.

As it becomes more difficult to improve reach on social media, especially Facebook, without paying for boosts we predict that there will be a move towards Email Marketing.  Email marketing and Mailing lists have lost a level of popularity recently.  However, direct marketing to customers or people who have definitely shown an interest is more likely than pushing poorly optimized social media! Have a look here for some deeper information on the way that Email marketing is going to progress in the future.

Whatever your business or website we would love to help you get the most from your online presence.  If a Google algorithm has negatively impacted your website we will be able to help you.  Contact us today for more information on how to improve your online presence.

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