What will happen in Digital Marketing post-COVID?

Embracing Change: A year on…

The changes we’ve seen in the past year are not temporary.

Digital was already on the sharp rise but the pandemic has accelerated it beyond anyone’s imagination.

Will things ever go back to normal?

Kind of… but not in the way it used to be.

Yes, we may see glimpses of the ‘normality’ we once knew, but behaviours and attitudes have changed and will continue to change in the coming years.

Offices, commuting, being central to a city, being in physical spaces are no longer necessities. And as businesses, we need to keep moving and pivoting to meet these new consumer and business habits.

How do we adapt?

Put simply, remove barriers.

Make it super clear and easy for your customers to take an action to interact with your business. Whether it’s putting call to actions on your social media posts: ‘Visit our website’/‘Message us’, have your open/close times on your Google My Business page, or a big red ‘BUY NOW’ button on your website.

Mobile. Mobile. Mobile. If your site isn’t mobile optimised, it might as well not exist. Over half of internet traffic worldwide is from mobile. Make your site quick and slick, so your customers will click.

Make making a decision easier. Yes, choice can be a good thing but don’t overcomplicate it. Online retailers may have hundreds or thousands of products but they split them up and can be filtered by product types, categories, prices, ratings and brands. Customers can find what they want and buy within seconds.

Bring order and ease to your online presence

There may be more challenges to come in the next few years but making sure you have a strong online presence which can weather almost any storm.

Let WebAdept UK guide you. More customers. More sales. Less hassle.

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