What is the difference between organic online marketing and pay per click marketing?

Organic & Pay Per Click Marketing

What’s The Difference?

Q. What is the difference between organic online marketing and pay per click marketing?

A.  There are a number of different online marketing routes you can explore when you launch a new website.  In an ideal world when launching a new website a company would launch a social media, pay per click, and organic marketing strategy – which all fit under the catch-all term, ‘online marketing strategy’.

All this online marketing has become more and more important as more content is added to the web, companies can no longer take it for granted that their company will land top of the search engines they now need to work for it.  Why do you need to be top of the search engines I hear you ask?  You need to be at the top because the websites which are at the top are the sites which get the most traffic, and the more traffic the more chance you have of making sales.

So Pay Per Click advertising is pretty much what it sounds like.  If you were to open up a Google Search and search something, say ‘properties in London’ do you see the top three placements and the banners down the side of your page?  Those are the web-pages which have invested in pay per click advertising.  So, an ad campaign has been launched for those companies in which they are paying a certain amount of money for the top spots on the search engine each time someone clicks on it.

It’s a useful online marketing tool because you are able to quantify the number of direct clicks you get through the campaign and alter it to your needs and it can be used in such a specific way that the clicks you get through will, hopefully, be of a more promising and high standard.

Below those top three places we just talked about in the Google ranking are websites which have probably invested in organic online marketing. Though this title is a little less straightforward to understand it is still pretty straightforward.  It is a more ‘natural’ way to improve your search engine ranking.  

Organic online marketing will make sure your website is fully optimised, useful, and ticks the boxes for what search engines are looking for in websites.  In very easy terms, Organic search results are listings on results pages that appear because they are the most relevance to the search terms, as opposed to their being advertisements.

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