What is Hosting?

What is Hosting, and other questions…

Here at Web Adept we offer a Professional Hosting service.  However a lot of people don’t understand what hosting is, or why they need it.  It is one of our FAQs.  So we thought we would take the time to set down exactly what hosting is, and why it is not only important, but necessary.

When people are new to website design and development they often don’t know about the on-going costs of running and maintaining a website.  However, having an appropriate hosting package is crucial to maintaining your business online.  So let’s start with the basics …. What is hosting?

What is Hosting?

Hosting is the provision of a space on a server which is dedicated to your website and emails.  It is what people access when they visit your website, and it is what is used to store, send and receive your emails. If your domain is your postal address, then your hosting is the physical land which your house takes up.  So without hosting, you will not have emails or a website.  Hosting is absolutely necessary to your online presence.

What should you look for in a hosting package?

Well, there are so many different options out there and every business has different requirements from their hosting environment so it is impossible for us to give you a hard and fast solution to your hosting problems.  But the basic things that you should ask of your potential hosts are the following;

If their answers to these questions don’t fill you with confidence then you should look for a different hosting provider.
Your server space is vitally important.  You need to have confidence in the company who looks after your emails and website, and you need to be able to contact them when things go wrong.  If you’re looking to move your hosting to a company you can really trust then contact us today and we can talk to you about what sort of hosting package you should go for in order to safeguard your emails and business online.

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