What is Hosting?

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Q. What is Hosting?

A. Your web hosting is the space your website takes up on the internet.

You’ve created your website and inputted your content, unfortunately it doesn’t just appear on the internet after that.  You’ll need to get web hosting.  Your web hosting is where your website is held and operated from.
So, your website is stored in a web server.  When your website is searched for the internet connects to the server which is holding your information and transfers your website information to their computer from which they can explore your website.  A lot of people get confused between what hosting is and what a domain is.

A domain is the website address you choose for your site, so we choose webadeptuk.com/v2 as our domain.  Your domain name is a memorable way to get to your website as opposed to the numerical code it would have without a domain name, like 176839002291.com – you can’t really ask people to go to that to find your website can you?

So, you can register a domain name but there will be nothing to find once you get there without hosting.

Website Hosting is a simply service and you can find hosting servers all over the shop.  However choosing your website hosting company is a very important decision.  If you sign up to one of our website hosting packages and something goes wrong we all always be on the end of the phone for you down in Pembrokeshire Wales.  That means no more waiting in queues to make calls to India, no more ignored tech-tickets just simple great customer support.  Web Adept Wales can provide you with a reliable, professional, and personal hosting service based right in the heart of the Pembrokeshire National Park.

If you’re interested in using our domains and hosting services, have a look here for more information or contact us.

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