What are you like at Social Media? Social Media Checklist/Test

What are you like at Social Media? Social Media Checklist/Test

Web Adept regularly host high-calibre social media seminars on a wide range of subjects. Anything from Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Strategies, and Hootsuite. In order for us to achieve the best possible experience for our delegates, we like to make sure that everyone in the room is of similar capabilities. Our trainers can spend the entire seminar focusing on various social media platforms and at varying levels of engagement.
Come on and do Web Adepts Social Media Test…..

In order to score your ability, we need to know what you already know. Here is what we think your scores will reflect:
0-3 Beginner
4-7 Intermediate
8-11 Advanced

Blogging for Business:

  1. Define blogging and why your business should be engaging.
  2. What types of blogging platforms are available?
  3. Where should your blog be located?
  4. How often should you blog?
  5. Where do you receive your blog’s content from?
  6. How do you add credibility to your blog?
  7. How do you make your blog more visible?
  8. How can you optimise your blog?
  9. What are the secrets to growing your subscribership?
  10. What happens if you get negative feedback?
  11. Who owns the content of your blog?

Facebook for Business:

  1. Can explain what Facebook is as a platform?
  2. Can you explain the difference with profiles, pages, and groups
  3. What are the advantages to each?
  4. Do you understand the privacy settings on your page?
  5. Do you know how to optimise your page?
  6. What makes a great profile?
  7. How do maintain your brand on Facebook?
  8. How do you grow your ‘community’ of fans?
  9. When is the best time to update?
  10. Can you strategically update your page?
  11. Where do you take content to upload to your page?
  12. How do you link up with similar pages and why?
  13. What are insights and why do we use them?
  14. Can you integrate FB with your website?

Twitter for Business:

  1. What is Twitter?
  2. Why should businesses use it?
  3. Followers/Following?
  4. Lists?
  5. Direct messaging vs mentions?
  6. How do you optimise your Twitter page?
  7. Can you maintain your brand on your Twitter page?
  8. Can you link your Twitter page with other SM platforms?
  9. Hashtag usage and why?
  10. Targeted engagement?
  11. Content creation and frequency?
  12. Can you use your page to monitor conversations?
  13. Auto replies and Auto mentions?
  14. Scheduling of content

LinkedIn for your Business Profile:

  1. What is Linkedin?
  2. Why should you use it?
  3. Why is your public profile so important?
  4. Optimising your page?
  5. How to grow your community
  6. Groups?
  7. Quantity vs Quality
  8. Can you strategically use advanced searches?
  9. Can you link your other SM sites to your LinkedIn profile?
  10. Profiles and what others can see.
  11. Answers section and why?
  12. Should you have a business profile page?
  13. Is premium membership for you?

Strategies – Social Media Strategy for Business:

  1. Why are you using social media?
  2. What is a social media strategy?
  3. Why should you have one?
  4. Ho w many profiles should you have?
  5. Is you brand digital enough?
  6. Why are your profiles so important?
  7. Frequency of updates
  8. Should you use unique content on each platform?
  9. How do you grow your communities across several platforms?
  10. User generated content. What is it?
  11. Targeted engagement. Why? How?
  12. How will you manage your campaigns?
  13. Do you know how to monitor your conversations?
  14. Can you measure your results?

Hootsuite for all your Social Media Platforms:

  1. What is Hootsuite?
  2. Is it the best application to use?
  3. Can you add your Social Media profiles?
  4. What is the benefit to using hootsuite Pro versus basic?
  5. What is the difference between a tab and a stream?
  6. Can you use lists and keywords to track conversations?
  7. Do you know how to upload photos and documents?
  8. Can you update more than one social media platform at the same time?
  9. Do you know how to add and RSS feed?
  10. What is a hootlet?
  11. Do you know how to use filters?
  12. Can you add other users to your Hootsuite?
  13. Do you know how to schedule individual updates and bulk updates?
  14. Do you know how to monitor your conversations?
  15. Do you know how to measure your campaigns across multiple platforms?

So then… How did you do? Send us your scores as we’re interested to see how you get on.
If this test identifies you need assistance please call us on 01437 72 00 33 or Click Here.

By Angus Findlay

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