Websites that Work for You (and ones that don’t) – Part 2

Following the cautionary tale of Slick Steve and Seen-it-all Si (catch up here), we now direct you up the narrow path of ‘websites that work for you’.

Last time, we met Slick Steve Seen-it-all-Si. They may not be characters we can relate to, but ones we probably recognise. We saw that they had both followed different routes but missed the narrow path to achieving websites that work for you.
As we promised, we now reconvene with Wise Wendy to benefit from her wisdom.…
 By the way, the continuity types among you will have noticed the very subtle title change. You are great to watch films with, because you cleverly notice every tiny continuity error and very helpfully point them out, during the film. So, well done, but this one is just the practical application of SEO principles that we are preaching (but you knew that anyway, right?)
 So, back to Slick Steve….

Slick Steve’s expensive designer website

Slick Steve went with his instincts and focused on how his site looked. It had no real content, all cut and paste stuff that doesn’t really say anything about his products or his brand. The images are to his taste, but maybe not to others – too many pastel polo shirts and gleaming white teeth.
The images are so bright that you feel you need to be wearing sunglasses indoors. That’s right, just like Steve’s cool designer. Unfortunately for them, most viewers are not wearing sunglasses indoors and bounce away from his site, pretty sharpish…
Steve doesn’t know about bounce rates. This means he doesn’t realise he’s paid his designer to post lovely images of happy people that no-one will see. Not unless they know his full web-address that is. His designer unfortunately doesn’t know how to help people find and use his website. He looks cool though, driving his MX5 around town with the roof down. In Winter.

Seen-it-all-Si’s ‘produced by a pal’ website

Seen-it-all-Si went with his instincts – learned from the University of Life. Unfortunately, Si must have missed a few classes on the way, like the one on: ‘skill multiplied by effort equals result’. He also clearly missed the one on: ‘it’s rude to eat with your mouth open’, but that’s another matter.
His website looks, well, musty. There are a wide variety of fonts used and all the images were taken using an old camera-phone. It has that: ‘we think most tech is a fad, so we don’t bother with it’ look. Quite why anyone would bother with his website if he clearly doesn’t, is not something that concerns Si. The reason for his low visitor numbers, high bounce rate and low conversion is – obviously – a global technology conspiracy.
If Si read some material on the subject he would discover that in fact, Google, and other search engines, want to make information available – they just need you to enable them to do it.

Wise Wendy’s website: user-focused Design, SE marketing content and SEO

Remember Wise Wendy? Smart, loves children, kind to animals, makes people laugh – you get the picture.
Wise Wendy has created a checklist for achieving ‘websites that work for you’, so that you can have what she has. A site that is visible and interacts with potential customers, retaining and converting them. She’s happy to share it with you.
We did say she’s both wise and kind.

3 key services – Wise Wendy offers her wisdom on obtaining a website that works for you

  1. Design

    Wendy says that design is the bedrock of your web-platform. It is not just about stylish or pretty pictures (remember Slick Steve?). Yes, it should attract attention, but should also include some key processes and some key terms:

  1. Service level Agreement (SLA)

    Wise Wendy says that an SLA ensures that essential elements are in place that will achieve websites that work for you (remember Seen-it-all-Si?). It will detail what services you can expect from your web designer and ensure that any issues are dealt with in a timely manner. It should cover at a minimum:

  1. Search Engine Marketing

Knowledge, skill and time – is money

As we can see, Wise Wendy believes that good webdesign relies on the combination of great design, technical knowledge and advanced understanding and application of SEO. But rather than just talk about it, she puts it into practice.
Wise Wendy also realises that anything good takes a bit of time and that both great design and creative content take time. And time is money. Hopefully, you can also see now that it also takes some knowledge and skill. So, to achieve websites that work for you, she suggests you go to someone who can talk her language.
And who’s to argue? She’s wise – just like we said.
Has our blog prompted you to realise you need some assistance with your own webdesign, SEO or website migration? WebAdept have been producing ‘websites that work for you’ for the last 20 yrs! Get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you!

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