Why your website needs a revamp

Website re-designs can seem a little scary or like a lot of work, but every once in a while it’s worth taking a long hard look at your site, evaluating and assessing whether it might be time for an upgrade.
Take a look at our list of the key points which are important in a site.  If any of the following points strike home it may well be time to consider a website update, redesign or audit…

Your site is unresponsive

As mobile browsing become increasingly crucial for a website unresponsive websites become an even bigger no no. Mobile and tablets are an ever increasing market, and if your site isn’t working on these platforms you are going to be losing out to users on competitors with responsive sites.  If your site is unresponsive it is absolutely imperative that you transfer over to a responsive platform as soon as possible.

Elements don’t work

Whether it’s widgets, functionality, links or social media icons if part of your site doesn’t work correctly you need to get it fixed.  If a lot of your site isn’t working then it can actually be easier to get a new, contemporary website up and running.  Nothing puts website users off like broken links, shopping carts, and functionality.  People don’t want to do business with companies whose websites are broken, it breaks trust.

It’s not working for you

A website is a sales tool, simple!  If your site isn’t bringing in your leads, queries and engagement then your site isn’t working at it’s most basic level.  You may need a frank digital marketing expert to take a look at it and see where you could get more leads or improve the interaction you receive from it.  You can change the way people use your site through strategic calls to action and easy navigation.  You can also use Google Analytics in order to fully analyse where your site might be going wrong.

Your direct competition

Online marketing and digital marketing strategy is becoming an ever increasing factor in businesses overall marketing strategy.  Check out what your competition is up to.  And, steal any great ideas they have!  You compete with people on the shop floor and in your day to day business, why would you let them overtake you in term of online marketing strategy?  Appearances are important, people will have more trust in an intuitive, contemporary website than one which is fading, broken and outdated.  Surely that’s just common sense?


When it all boils down to it you just need to remember that new responsive, optimised websites are an investment which no company can do without.  Websites are the phone books and yellowpages of today.  People find your sites through Google, and if they like what they see they are more likely to buy from you.  You wouldn’t let your office look tatty, broken and downtrodden – why not extend the same courtesy to your website?
Don’t be scared – when we say revamp you don’t have to do a complete overhaul, but we would recommend getting a digital marketing expert to have a proper sort through and checking all the elements listed above.  Once they’ve done that you can properly assess how you can improve your website and how it works for you.
Not sure how to get started?  Get in touch, and we’d be happy to get you on the road to online optimisation.

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