Why does my website need to be mobile friendly?

This is a question which we frequently get asked.  And the answer is simple, for your users and for your ranking.  If your website isn’t mobile-responsive you really need to put that at the top of your digital to-do list! 

As our business-world evolves into a 24/7 market people are looking to do business through all of their devices and on the move – if your site is unable to compete on these mobile devices then effectively your business is unable to compete.  Still don’t believe us, take a look below.

1. Because Google Says

And you’d have to be crazy to ignore them.  Back in April 2015 they issued information that they would no longer be including websites which weren’t mobile responsive would no longer be listed in searches from mobiles and tablets.  So that means that if your users are searching from you on their portable devices, you simply won’t turn up.  It also issued information saying that mobile-friendliness would also be included as a ranking in their SEO factor.

2. The Usage Stats

60% of global mobile users use their devices as their primary source of accessing the internet.  That is a massive chunk of the population who might be put off by your poorly responsive website.  Can your business afford to ignore this segment of the market?  With usage numbers like that is it any wonder that Google are using mobile responsiveness as a major factor in their SEO ranking?

3. Mobile Users

People use their mobile devices differently from how they use their desktops and laptops.  People tend to be browsing between things and on the move.  This makes them impulse buyers, who want to access information easily and make snap decisions.  If your site isn’t working properly or is displaying poorly then you will lose those users.  Make sure your website is flexible and responsive.
If your not sure whether your site is mobile responsive, just check it on one of your devices!  If your site is unresponsive it’s time to get that fixed!  We can help transfer your current website to a responsive platform.  Just drop us a quick email and we can get you on the road to mobile optimisation!

Here at Web Adept we ensure every website we design is mobile friendly – get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

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