Website Marketing – Why is it Important?

Is Website Marketing Important?Have you had a shiny new website built for your business only to realise that just three people visited it in the first month?
Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

A Website Needs Marketing!

This isn’t your fault. Marketing a website is AS if not MORE important than the design. When a website is designed, it should be built with marketing in mind – after all, what’s the point in having a beautiful website if no one sees it?
Quite often, web design companies will fail to prepare business owners for the hard work that comes after a website goes live. We come across this problem all the time. Really, the launch is where it all begins!
Let’s compare it to traditional ‘outbound marketing’. In a push to get more customers you might print some brilliant business cards, some beautiful leaflets, you might even go ‘all out’ and print a detailed products brochure. It doesn’t matter how convincing these materials are, if they sit in a cupboard they won’t generate any business. You need to distribute them to the right people for them to be effective. Marketing a website is exactly the same.
You need to get the right people to visit your website if you are going to generate any value from it!
A successful website marketing strategy will have three main components: search, content and social. Each of these elements should all work together and be fully integrated with your website design.
This is the major benefit of using a company that provides web design and online marketing services. Without effective website marketing your site has no business value. To get the most value from it, the marketing elements should be incorporated at every stage. By using a company that can manage the whole process for you, you are guaranteed to get a product that works!
Does your business have a website?
Is it performing as it should?
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By Angus Findlay

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