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One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of running a business website is its security.
All websites are hosted on a server. Each time someone visits your website, each individual page they visit is downloaded from this server. Unfortunately, there are many ways for viruses, malware and hackers to gain access to these servers and bring your website crashing down.

When a site is hacked or infected it can have a hugely detrimental effect on a business. Over the last 10 years most websites have come to rely on their website to deliver the majority of their leads. Your website is also an important first point of contact for prospective customers. If your website stops working, even if it’s just for a few hours, this can have a huge negative impact.
Unfortunately, most people are blissfully unaware of the dangers lurking on the internet. As a result, most businesses still choose their website hosting company based on one key factor – price.
Choosing the cheapest web hosting for your company website is definitely a false economy.
At some point you WILL have a problem with your website. It’s almost guaranteed. When this happens, you need to sort it as quickly as possible. If you are marketing your website correctly, for every minute your website is offline you are losing out on new customers. Downtime costs you money!
When you are choosing how to host your website you need to consider two factors: reliability and support.
By using a dedicated server run by a hosting company you can trust, you will give your site the best possible protection. You will experience fewer problems, less downtime and less hassle.
For businesses, nothing is more important than support. When you do experience problems you will need them sorted instantly. Choose a hosting company that provides personal 24/7 support, an automatic site backup service and the option for remote access. When it does go wrong, this support will make you feel it was worth every penny!

Web hosting is one of those things that people ignore until it all goes wrong. By then it’s often too late. If you are marketing it in the right way, your website should be one of your most valuable assets.
Can you afford to lose it?

We provide a number of secure, reliable hosting options for all sorts of websites. Our hosting solutions are flexible, scalable and all come with full UK based technical support.
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