Website help – How do I make my website successful?

When new clients approach us all they want to know is,
How do I make my website successful?
First of all, what do you think makes a website successful?
Well obviously online success is dictated by the kind of business you are trying to promote.  But generally when we talk about a successful website what we are looking for is a website which generates sales, creates leads, and reaches a high level of online visibility.
So it makes sense to break down each of these issues to create an online marketing plan which works for your business.
A successful website has built it’s online presence from the roots up.  In the days of Google Algorithm updates and penalties there is no longer an easy way  to boost your online visibility.

Your Website

Your website is a sales tool and must add value to your business.  In order to add value your website must be a direct route to your information and products.  A direct and fast route.
So, your website must be built with the user in mind.  Just because you know how to navigate your site doesn’t mean that a fresh-new user will be able to.  It must have obvious contact details, and state a clearly defined business goal.
No matter what goal your website has, whether it’s to get users to sign up for a newsletter, contact you, or buy a product, your website needs to have a defined purpose. And your website needs to be designed around this purpose.
Sit down and have a think.  What is  the most important ‘Call to Action’ for your business?  What action do you want the user to take.  Decide on this and then (tastefully) fill your website with these call-to-action.


A user could enter your website on literally any page.  They might have picked up one of your blogs  attached to something, or searched a very specific search term and been directed to your website.  Because of this you must make sure that your navigation is clear to the user.
Your visitors need a smooth, logical path to take them from what ever page  they have landed on.  Every page needs to be built for your audience in terms of design, content and structure within the website.


Great design ties in with the function and usability.  Make sure it fits in with every aspect of your online presence and that it looks good.  Unfortunately old-websites are ugly.  A new website will stand you in better stead for generating leads.  People are more inclined to trust and invest in businesses with a more contemporary online presence.
Also make sure that every thing looks consistent.  If pages of your website look wildly different from each other then people will worry that  they’ve navigated away from your website or have encountered some sort of online threat.


This is absolutely crucial.  Your website must be mobile responsive.  Check it on every device which you can get your hands on.  Check out  your google analytics (and while we are at it, make sure your website is fully utilizing Google Analytics!) and see where users are clicking off on certain devices and find out why and then make sure you fix it!

Crucial Content

As the internet continues to rapidly expand, the need for your website to stand out increases.  A sure-fire way of competing for attention is to have a message which is worth reading.
Your content should not be 100% advertising.  You need to be creating content which is interesting and useful.  Keep on subject – if you want to go on a tangent then build another page for it to go on! Bigger sites do do better in the search engines.  However a few pages of well written content will go a long way to improving your visibility.
But remember, search engine algorithms might index your websites but real people visit them so make sure that you’re website is properly written for real people.  I’d avoid industry-specific terms, people do not want to feel stupid and make sure you write consistently, helpfully, and proof read everything.

On Page Search Engine Optimisation

You can easily stick to  this.  As above stick to quality content.  Research what users are typing into to find your business online and put key phrases inside your text.  Optimise your content to get the most out of search engines.
That said, search engines are getting cleverer and the rules change all the time.  So, create clear content and watch out for algorithm updates.  If your website suddenly drops in the search engines then maybe you have somehow fallen foul of an algorithm update.  Get researching and start damage control as soon as possible.

Online Marketing

Now, online marketing is a cost-effective way of ensuring your message gets straight to your customers.  You can sign-up for Google Adwords, just make sure you fully utlize all available features and opportunities.  Web Development companies like us here at Web Adept can manage your campaigns for you.
You can try email marketing, sign up for Mail-chimp and try newsletters and offers.
Social Media now offers opportunities to boost your posts, or just simply writing a great and useful blog can also be an effective online marketing tool.
There is no sure-fire method of online marketing which fits all businesses.  It is more of a science.  I’d recommend talking to someone about online marketing and formulating a strategy.


A successful website needs to be regularly updates and current.  Moving your website to an easily update-able format such as WordPress is highly recommended.  You need to be able to control the content of your website without having to go to your web-designer and get quotes every time.
Google likes to see websites which are frequently updated.  A great way  to  update your website is by posting regular blogs.  And make sure that  these blogs are key-word-centric and fully optimised.
Unfortunately a new website will never achieve ultimate levels of success unless you are willing to put in the work necessary to get it to the top.  Each business needs to concentrate on something different, depending on the sector and it’s goal.  This is why we recommend talkinig to someone who knows what works and how to get results.
Why not talk to someone from Web Adept now.  You start the journey by dropping us an email here, or by calling  our office on 01437 72 00 33 today.  Whether it’s putting together an online marketing strategy for use in-house at your offices or us managing your online marketing program we will be able to help you get the results that you want. 

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