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The Client

Porthllisky Cottages have been a client of ours for many years. Their last website lasted over 10 years! Porthllisky cottages are based in St Davids, they have 5* luxury pet friendly cottages just a stones throw from the coast.

Porthllisky Farm room

The Brief

Porthllisky Cottages wanted a fresh face to their website. Although the old website performed well and served it purpose, it wasn’t visually appealing or mobile responsive. They wanted a request to book feature similar to their old website, however they wanted it to look professional and give the client a chance to choose their dates.

Porthllisky Farm Cottages website on iphone

High Quality Images

The scope of high-quality professional images to transform the look and feel of a website was really evident in this project – not just in showcasing the cottages but in conveying the character, style and ambiance of their surroundings.

The Solution

We delivered a bespoke, visually appealing website with a unique booking system. The website was designed to make the most of the fantastic images that Castle Photography had taken of the cottages. Each cottage is showcased on the cottage page as well as having its own individal page. The cottages are each able to be “requested” via the bespoke system. Once the dates and details are selected for the chosen cottage it instantly emails Porthllisky Cottages with the request. All cottage dates can be easily managed in the CMS of the website. The website also shows a glance of each property when you hover over the box, this hightlights its main features before the client clicks through, ensuring they are choosing the right property.

Other Challenges

Challenges we over came were at the start of the project when we were agreeing a design. Sometimes it can take a few attempts to get it just as the clients likes.

Porthllisky Farm Cottages website design

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