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Q. Why is it so hard to make changes to my website once it has been built?

A. We don’t use the word ‘built’ do describe the process of creating a website by accident.  In the simplest of terms, having a website built for you is like having a house built for you.

There are several stages which your website goes through before it gets launched.

 There are opportunities to change the website before it starts getting built because the building of the website is the hardest bit.

Going back to the house example –  if you are building a house it is a lot easier to change the placement of a window in the design period.  Once the house is built it becomes much more difficult to change the location of the windows. It can be done, but it is hard work.  Website design is very similar.   It is based on building blocks and foundations.  Changes to the core design and functionality of a website once it is built are difficult for precisely this reason.

We’re always happy to help you with website changes, but they can be difficult. ┬áPlease contact us on 01437 720 033 or email us here.

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