Website Audits

Website Audits

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Do you do a regular website health check? And when was the last time you had a really good look at your social media performance?

Finding Strength and Weeding Out Weakness

A digital audit is a really important part of keeping your online presence up to date and bringing in the business. If your digital assets need the once-over, we’ll put everything under the microscope to find out what’s working and what isn’t. With a clear picture to work from, our web experts can make the changes that count.

Working Smarter

Our website audit examines every aspect of your web pages. Our methodical and structured approach means we’ll get to the bottom of all the issues holding you back. It also gives you a baseline for future website audits – really handy for measuring your website’s performance over time.

We look at:
• Website hosting and domain issues
• Speed and responsiveness
• Design problems
• How to resolve any technical coding issues
• What needs updating
• Whether your content is working for you
• Website optimisation using an SEO checker – analysing search engine ranking, traffic sources, referrals, key words, bounce rates etc.

Another benefit of a thorough website audit is that it can help identify problems with your overall online marketing strategy. If that’s the case, we’ll get that sorted too.

Keeping Things On Point

It’s not just your website that needs a bit of love and attention, your entire digital marketing efforts need a regular once-over. Technology moves fast and customer habits change, so keeping up with trends and changes across all your digital platforms is vital.

Our team will cast a professional eye over everything. Our digital marketing audit checklist covers:
• Current and potential social media platforms
• Reputation and branding
• Identifying your top posts and most shared content
• Analysing your reach and audience
• Checking performance and results

Let us find and fix the things that have been cramping your style and you’ll be amazed at the results.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

A good website audit is the digital equivalent of clearing out the shed – you get rid of all the rubbish, discover a few treasures and your shed gets a new lease of life. So, if your digital presence needs an overhaul, we’ve got the perfect de-cluttering team for the job.

Once we’ve done the Sherlock Holmes bit, we don’t just stop at delivering your audit report. We’ll talk you through your options and help you work through any recommendations we make. With our website audit experts on the case, your digital assets will be in the best shape to get you the return on investment you deserve.

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