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When was the last time you serviced your car?

Probably a matter of months, right?  What about your website? When was the last time you got a professional to look under the hood to check that everything was running properly?  

Never?  Uh Oh…

Contrary to popular belief, websites can go wrong. They are subject to so many external factors that they can quickly lose their effectiveness – without you even realising.

A website MOT is exactly like it’s automotive equivalent.

We will take a look at your entire website and take all the key measurements we need to make sure it’s performing to its full potential. We will look at traffic sources, site speed, referral sources, how long visitors spend on each page and where you currently appear in the search engine results for your key terms.

These, and many other metrics, help us to build a complete picture of what’s going on with your website. It will also help us identify any areas where you are losing potential customers. Once we know where they are, we can then set about blocking the holes.

Most of our customers find the website MOT service extremely useful. Sometimes, identifying the weaknesses of your website can be the most effective way to increase your online marketing results. After all, if your website isn’t converting, it doesn’t matter how many visitors you send to it!

Is it a while since someone looked under the hood of your website? Want to book it in for a website MOT?

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