Web Design – Not All about Aesthetics

good web designDespite what many people think, web design is about far more than just making your website look good. To be honest, if you are using your website for business, there are many things which are far more important.

The Words

When most people set about building their website they first decide on the graphic elements. Once they know how they want it to look, they then fit the words in around it.
Think about it: will your colour scheme and layout sell your product or services? Sure, it might help, but it’ll be the words that provide your visitors with the value they are looking for. It’ll be the words that generate business. If you are designing a new website for your business, give the words the attention they deserve!

Can It Be Found?

You might have the most beautiful website on the internet, but it search engines can’t find it, it won’t deliver much value at all. Search engines find your website by sending ‘spiders’ through the internet to discover new web pages. They won’t see your colour scheme or cleverly designed logo, all they see is code: numbers, letters and symbols. If your website is going to be found and rank well in the search engines, this code needs to be properly structured and easy for the spiders to read.

What about Marketing?

This is the single biggest mistake that companies, and some web designers, make. A website is no good to anyone if it can’t be marketed. When you are building a website you need to design it with marketing in mind. This means landing pages, social media buttons, sharing buttons, a blog and the option to incorporate videos into your content.
In order to get value from the internet you need to have a website that’s fully integrated with your website marketing. The best way to do this is to make sure it all fits together perfectly FROM THE START.

We specialise in building websites that WORK. We provide everything from web design to SEO and internet marketing. This means that we can build websites which integrate all the essential elements and provide great results.
Are you launching or redesigning your company website? Want to make sure you are getting the best value? Why not get in touch. We’d be more than happy to talk you through your options. We won’t hold you to anything.
By Angus Findlay

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