Web Design and Marketing – Why Quality Counts

Invest in good web designIf you run a business you should be in no doubt, your business NEEDS a website. Whoever your customers are and whatever you sell, people are trying to find you online.
Though the fact that 40% of welsh businesses still don’t have a website is worrying, what’s more frustrating is the number of companies that have a website but get absolutely no value from it!
Unfortunately, many businesses think all websites are the same. They might sign up for a low cost website which uses a basic, generic template. They do no marketing, don’t update it and then, when it doesn’t return any results, they dismiss the internet as ineffective, not for them.
The internet is THE most powerful marketing tool available to businesses. We’ve helped businesses double their revenue in just a few months with a well designed, well marketed website.
The internet works: the question is whether you are using it in the right way.

Websites aren’t all the same. A website that’s going to help your business grow WILL cost more than a website that’ll just sit there.
Is a professionally designed, thoughtfully marketed and fully managed website worth the investment? ABSOLUTELY!

A Worthwhile Investment

A website should be seen as the central nervous system of your business. It will provide new, targeted leads, build your reputation, provide pre-sales advice, deliver customer service and generate revenue.
If you needed brain surgery would you go for the cheapest surgeon you could find? No, you’d go for the best you could afford.
You should think of your website in the same way.

A False Economy

If you choose to go with a cheap web designer or use one of the many free website builders that are now available you may think you are saving money. Sure, it will cost you less to start with. But what if you start factoring in the cost of every customer you lose because your competitors outrank you in the search engines? Or what about those who see your site and decide to buy from your competitor because their website looks far more professional than yours?
If you start taking these figures into account, each day your website is live you will see that you are losing money. Very quickly, your short term savings will seem completely irrelevant.

When you look into getting a new website for your business, please don’t just go for the cheapest. Spend everything you can afford with a company that will deliver a product that works. If it’s designed, marketed and managed properly, it will return your investment many times over.

At WebAdept we only deliver high quality websites that are designed to work. As well as our web design services, we also offer a full management service so that our customers get the maximum possible value from their websites. Our integrated service is designed to reward our customers with a consistently high return on their investment.
If it didn’t work, why would over 90% of our customers stay with us year after year?
If you’d like to talk to us about getting your business online or upgrading your existing website please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
By Angus Findlay

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