Web Design: Function Vs. Fashion

Signing up to get a new website designed, built and launched can seem like a tricky process.  There are a plethora of web-designers, graphic designers and online marketers to choose from.  
Each set of web designers brings a separate set of skills to a project so the question becomes, how do you decide on the type of web design you want?
Your new website can look as fancy as a peacock but if it doesn’t work properly, if people can’t easily navigate it or look at it on their phones or takes a long time to load then it falls far short of the standard requirements of a website.
Now we aren’t saying that a website should be boring, ugly and merely-functional.  But what we are saying is that a website has to work for users in order for it to work for you.
Among the most common complaints listed by website users are, to name just a few:

There are so many important elements to a website if you want it to be directly marketable to you audience and get a great search engine ranking.  Unfortunately it’s not all about the look, a successful website needs to be usable and clear.  Take a look at the amazon website for some evidence that a successful website doesn’t need to be good looking (and remember, amazon is the highest selling website in the world.).   Amazon works because it is simple to use and immediately outlines what it’s there to do.
By having your website built by a professional team of web designers and online marketers you are getting your new site built by a team of people who understand all aspects of an online presence.   If your web-design team can build and market a website that means that they know what works.
We at Web Adept have been building and marketing websites for 17 years now and we understand what works.  We know that a great online presence is built on the perfect content, a navigable website, a clear objective, and an online marketing structure.   This means that we can build you a website which offers you both the beauty and the brains necessary to compete online!  Our websites offer the whole package and are built with one of the most popular online platforms in the world, WordPress.
Building with WordPress means that you, as a user, will be able to alter, tweak and delete any of the content on your website whenever the feeling takes you.  Which means that once we have designed, built and coded your new website it’s future can be entirely in your hands.   We offer after-service arrangements and you can leave the online marketing to us or you can take over full responsibility for your site.  Whichever way you choose to go we are happy in the knowledge that we have handed over a website which is going to work.
If you’re interested in a new website and would like to talk about it’s possibilities then don’t hesitate to contact us now.  

What separates design from art is that design is meant to be fuctional – Cameron Moll

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