Search Engine Optimisation Jargon Buster

Are you thinking about investing in some Search Engine Optimisation in order to improve the online ranking of your business?  Well, make sure you’re ahead of the game for your meeting with your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) company with our Search Engine Optimisation Jargon Buster.
Algorithm – A set of formulas and rules which are run by computers in order to solve problems.  For SEO algorithms are used to determine a website’s place for search queries in search engines
ALT Text – the text used in the code of a page to describe an image – this is used by people using screen readers, however  it is information which is also used by search engines to determine the content of a page in a website
Anchor Text – The visible text on a web-page which acts as a html link to another page or website
Black Hat – Frowned upon SEO tactics, Black Hat methods optimise the SEO on your website in a way which is only useful for the search engines without adding value to the user
Bot/Crawler/Spider – A program used by a search engine in order to browse all the content on the internet in order to help users find what they are looking for.
Destination Page – The page a user arrives at after clicking a link
Internal Links – Links leading from one page to another inside a single website.  As opposed to External links
Meta Description – A description which is added to the code of website which helps bots/search engines index your website.  A meta description may also appear in the description of a page on an search engine results page.
Meta Keywords –  A list of several words which briefly describe the content of your webpage.  Generally used as an assistance tool when you are writing your copy as these are not indexed by search engines
Ranking – The position of your website/webpage on a results page in a search engine
Search Engine Optimisation – The practice and process of improving your search engine result through making changes to you website and content
Search Engine Results Page – The list of results which appear when a search is actioned in a search engine.  These are listed in order of usefulness, which is decided by a bot/crawler
Title Element – The title of your page as is indicated in the code of that page.  This is used by search engines to display the title of your page in the search engine results
Web Spam/Spam – Content which has been published in order to try and cheat to the top of search engine results.  This can include repeating keywords, paying for links, and adding invisible text which can only be read by bots.  These methods are considered Black Hat methods
White Hat – Tactics which improve your search engine ranking through user-friendly means. For the opposite see Black Hat.
XML Sitemap – A list of pages published on your website which can be submitted to search engines and is crawled in order for search engines to understand your website.
Still a bit lost when it comes to online marketing and search engine optimisation?  Why not book in a session with one of the team here at Web Adept and we could help you get the most out of your online presence.  Whether it’s a few tips on how to improve your web-content or a fully comprehensive online marketing strategy we can create the bespoke package for you and your company.

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