Web Adept offering iFrames for Facebook Business Pages

Do you want to make your Facebook Business Page more sexy? Do you want your Facebook business page to stand out from everyone else?

Web Adept are now offering iFrames to spice up your Facebook Business presence. Here are some of the tabs we can add to your account.
Content WidgetThis widget allows text, font styles, links, tables, and more. At the Gold Plan level, you also get the chance to have a link to PDF documents/coupons.
Image WidgetThe Image Widget allows us to drop images onto your tab page and layer them as you wish for design exactness to personalize the site.
E-mail Sign-up Form WidgetHave an e-mail list sign-up form on your tab to aid in capturing entries, building your list, and lead captures. Currently we provide integration with Constant Contact, Delivra, and MailChimp.

Google Map WidgetWe can add your business/organization Google Map location to your Fan Page tab. The Map comes with the ability to add one location and to add information to the Info Window that opens when users click on the Map Icon.
Video WidgetThe Video Widget, available at the Bronze and higher level Web Adept Plans, allows embedded YouTube, FLV, and also Vimeo videos!
HotLink WidgetThe HotLink Widget (available at the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Web Adept Plans) allows you to have a transparent box over any image or other widget and make that transparent box a url “hot spot” so users can click and be directed to a url of your choice! HotLink makes it easy to map different parts of a large image to specific urls!
Flash Widget – The SWF Flash Widget (available at the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Web Adept Plans) allows you to have embed .swf files into your page to create great interactivity on your tab! Note the source .swf file must be hosted on a live web server somewhere!
Contact Form WidgetThe Contact Form Widget is a simple submission form with set fields for Name, E-mail, and Comments. You control the e-mail address submissions go to.
PhotoShow WidgetThis is an image slideshows on your tab. We can add up to 20 image per slideshow. Each image can have a URL link tied to it and we automatically give you forward/back arrows for users to use to move among the pictures. Showcase photography, your facility, your staff, your products or anything else! The skies the limit!
ProductShow WidgetE-Commerce starter! The Product Widget is a great tool to showcase your products (or any collection of images). The widget gives you arrows to advance from product image to product image. Add a link to the image and even add a “Buy Now” button with a URL direct to your website shopping cart for ease of purchasing! Customized font colour, link colour, heading colour, background and more!
VideoShow WidgetProvides the ability to show a series of YouTube videos in a slideshow format on page. There is the chance to have up to 20 YouTube videos, descriptions for each, Facebook Share features, and on-page playing of the video. This allows you to conserve space while still having multiple videos accessible, and gives users the ability to scroll through and then play the video of choice. Perfect for a showcase of your best videos in a visually attractive format!
RSS WidgetWe will add any RSS feed! You can choose from 3 RSS layouts (full posts, partial posts, etc.), number of posts to display, and customize the background, text colours, link colours, and more! Add your blog RSS feed and any other RSS feed such as your Flickr Gallery.
Twitter WidgetPull in your tweets to your Facebook Tab! You can select how many tweets to show, style the text, set link colour, add a background, and more! At the Gold level, you can also add the “Tweet” button to your tab, to show the tweet count, text to tweet, and URL to include.
iFrame WidgetWe can add outside web content to your fan page. The widget pulls in your content to show on your tab. Have a mobile site?
YouTube Channel WidgetThis allows you to show case your YouTube Channel Videos! This widget allows you to have your most recent video upload featured and then can have thumbnails of the other videos in your channel with title and views. Upon clicking a thumbnail, the video loads on the page.
Code WidgetThe Web Adept Code Widget, available to Gold Plan users, allows us to embed custom code that you commission us to create or code that is provided by others such as Flickr Slideshows, Google Maps, UStream TV and more! This is a powerful widget giving you full customization capabilities.
Facebook Social WidgetsWe can drop Facebook’s “Like”, “Share”, “Send”, and a “Comments” boxes onto your tab page and customize features such as show faces, share a specific image, comment on specific urls (i.e. your custom tab or a blog post) and more! Adding Multiple Facebook tools on your page will greatly enhance social sharing!
Google +1 WidgetThis will add a +1 button to your fan page and customize the url you want to “Plus one”, enabling visitors to easily socially share to their Google Plus network. Increase viral sharing by integrating the Google Plus 1 widget. Available to all Gold Plan users.
For more information or to get started contact us or call us on 01437 720 033.
By Angus Findlay

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