Video advert to promote your Business! – A lot cheaper than it used to be…

Video to promote your Business – A lot cheaper than it used to be…

Have you planned your YouTube promotional video yet?

There are a 3 facts we quote when talking about video for marketing businesses or pushing brands:
1. Youtube is the second biggest search engine in the world and it’s owned by a small company called Google thats the biggest search engine in the world!
2. By 2014 90% of traffic on the internet will be video!! Even if this is 10% out video is still going to be king. Online video is set to be HUGE.

3. A professional film WILL help you with the promotion of your business and is now cost effective.
The question you need to ask yourself is: What are we doing to get ourselves seen on YouTube? 3 ideas:

  1. Get an advert film done for your business
  2. Start creating instructional films
  3. Sell the destination if you are a destination business

At Web Adept we are now offering a video and editing service so our clients and potential clients can keep get a professional promotional video created and posted around the internet to create additional visibility for their products and services. Here are 2 examples :
1. Anchor Guest House

2. Cwtch

By Angus Findlay

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