Are you utilizing Key Phrases, Buying Phrases and Long Tail Phrases?

Content is King – Bill Gates 1996

Are you utilizing Key Phrases, Buying Phrases and Long Tail Phrases?

Have I just spoken a different language?

Dealing with business online changes the rules of marketing.  When marketing offline you are taking the business and brand to the client.  Telling them how wonderful your product of service is.  Telling them how much more fulfilled their life will be when they have it or use it.

However, when marketing online you should be building your product around the client.

If your future client is already typing then they are already actively searching for a product or service that they already know they want.  By marketing towards people who are looking for your services you can – through the correct use of key phrases, buying phrases and long-tail phrases – take your client to your business.

As business owners we should be thinking about what is being typed into search owners to find our products or services.  These are key phrases, buying phrases and long tail phrases.

If you know the question in advance you can provide the answers in advance.

Long tail key phrases are the longer searches typed into search engines.  They are between two and five words and are more specific.  Amazon has built an empire on long tail phrases.  These phrases are more specific in what they are searching for.

And these are key elements which should be taken into consideration when writing body copy for your website.

Here at Web Adept, we also advise that you write a minimum of 250 words per page and that those words should be key-word rich and utilizes key phrases, buying phrases and long tail phrases.

Where possible these phrases should also be included within your H tags, and Meta tags.

Here at Web Adept we have packages and services available for reviewing your key phrases, buying phrases, and long tail phrases.   We can also review your H tags and Meta tags.

Am I still talking a different language?

Gaining visibility for your website is of the up-most importance.  If  your website has no visibility within the search engines you may as well not have a website.

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By Kala McCreadie

screen shot of a website which we optimised to improve search engine rankkings by using key phrases, buyer phrases and long tail phrases

An example of a website which we did content optimisation for. By adding Key phrases, Buying Phrases and Long Tail phrases we have boosted Parry Shoes’ website to the top of the search engines

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