Updating WordPress – To Click or Not to Click?

To click or not to click, that is the question?

When it comes to the question of whether you should get click happy all over your WordPress Updates the answer is usually Yes!

The WordPress platform is a super-powerful tool and as such should be kept sharp.  WordPress release updates in order to help its users.  The updates usually include bug-fixes and security updates.  According to WordPress released statistics, 83% of hacked WordPress websites are sites which haven’t been updated.  When updates are released they also include release notes of what was wrong with previous WordPress versions.  This means that hackers can look into these releases and exploit the vulnerabilities of old WordPress versions.   Updating  your WordPress platform is a good way to stay as ahead as possible of security compromises.

But, updating your WordPress platform can cause problems.  WordPress is software created by WordPress engineers and is released to help as many themes and websites as possible.  But because it is released by the central WordPress team, occasionally these updates may know a websites design and functionality off kilter. You might update your WordPress platform and then find that an element or area of your website isn’t working or appearing as it should be. Then you will have to get your web developer or web designer in to fix the problem.  Your site might have to be restored to a back-up from months ago and the work which you put into the site in the interim will be lost, or the site will have to be fixed which could leave you without a properly-functioning website for any amount of time.

The importance of these WordPress updates is one reason why we always recommend to our clients that they invest in a Service Level Agreement with us.  Our Support and Maintenance Service Level Agreements allot your business with a selected amount of time per month to initiate your updates and take regular back-ups of your website for you, so if the worst were to happen we would be able to restore a recent back-up of your website in order to give you as little trouble as possible and with as little additional cost as possible.

If your website has suffered a loss of functionality or a broken design due to a WordPress update then please contact us today.  We can help you fix your broken website.  Or if you’re interested in signing up to one of our Bespoke Support and Maintenance Service Level Agreements then contact us, we will help you find the solution to your website problems.


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