Twitter Tips for Business

Twitter continues to grow and grow.  According to statistics 1 million Twitter accounts are added every day.
1 million.  It goes without saying, but that is a HUGE growth rate.  Has your business reached out to this vastly growing community?  And if you have are you using it correctly? Are you using it at all?

Well, if you’re not yet a member or if your twitter membership has fallen at the wayside take these tips as a bit of inspiration.  We’ve written these with you in mind.  We want you to utilize the tools which are out there in order to increase your online presence which will translate into improved sales or visits to your website.
Twitter has created their own advice for how to optimize your tweets.  You can read that here.
But here at Web Adept we’ve written some quick tips to get you started.
1. Be Original
Not all your tweets have to be direct business promotion.  You want to enter a conversation with your followers not constantly spam them. People will re-tweet if it’s interesting.  They won’t re-tweet if you’re just talking about your business.  Twitter is for organic conversations.  Not for shameless self-promotion.  A great way to start an original Twitter conversation is by asking questions.  Give it a go!
2.  Be There
Being a Twitter user means more than just starting a conversation.  You have to continue to take part in it.  Replying is crucial.  Thanking people for following you or replying you is common courtesy, they are just plain manners.  You should follow the rules of polite society.  By doing so you will generate a more loyal online community.  In the same way, you need to join in with other people conversations – don’t wait for Twitter to come to you, jump right in there yourself.  Another way to stay on top of maintaining your online presence is through Twitter scheduling. You will be able to increase your presence and optimize your time management.
3. Monitoring
You can monitor Twitter on several levels.  You need to be aware of the most popular times for Twitter usage.  You can test it out yourself by seeing when you get your best responses.  You can access your Twitter Statistics, and from there tweet at the right time for optimum readership.  You can also monitor your competitors.  We aren’t suggesting you follow them necessarily.  But you can check out their accounts and see what gets them the best responses, you might pick up some pointers in what your followers are interested in.
4. Use it Properly
There are loads of ways of optimizing your 140 characters.  Use URL shorteners such as and to achieve optimal social messaging – they leave more space for your message!  You should also learn the different functions you can use within your tweets, when to use a #, or when you need an @.  There are plenty of different functions within the Twitter-sphere, make sure you know who you want to include in your tweet and how to make sure it gets out to the right people.
5. Blogging with Twitter
Tweeting about your blogs gives you the opportunity to re-publish previous material, and hopefully drive more traffic towards your site.  You can remind people of the blogs you post, just in case they missed them when they were originally published.

Twitter is a marvelous tool which businesses need to harness.  You can’t afford to ignore it any longer.  Please feel free to contact us, or ring us for further information on how to make Twitter and other social media work for you.
By Angus Findlay

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