Twitter: Time to polish up your account

We feel that Twitter lost its way for a little while however its popularity and usage is massive so you have to be in it to win it… after all it does have 313 million monthly active users (latest figures from Statista measured in Q2 2016)
Most of our clients get tired of posting and spending so much time on these portals so if you don’t want us to manage it all for you I guess we need to help you out.
Therefore we have created this ‘Twitter worksheet’ so you can work your way through the 12 Tip’s to get your Twitter refined, polished and in a position where it will give your business great results.
Just follow the simple steps and tasks we have set out in this workbook and then watch how your Twitter followers grow.

Step 1 – Before you start

Before you start getting more followers, is your Twitter Profile in good shape?
You should think of your Bio as your business card or your shop window. Make sure your profile contains relevant keywords so it can be found when people search for them on Twitter. It’s not a good idea to use #hashtags on your bio as people will usually click on them and this will navigate them away from your page (we don’t want that happening!).
Check each of the following items and make sure they are ready for your new visitors.
• Your Header picture
• Your Profile picture
• Your Bio
• Link to your website

Step 2 – Find people who are influential in your market / industry

How do you find out who is influential in your market / industry ?
The chances are, you already know some of them. To find more why not head over to BuzzSumo which is a great tool for finding the most shared content and key influencers in almost any market.
Once on BuzzSumo, click on ‘Influencers’ and find the top influencers for your topic or market. Write down the Twitter user names of your top 6 here:
 Twitter Name & Username

Step 3 – Find out who your competitors are on Twitter

I bet you know who your competitors are already. If not, it’s time to start searching for them and then heading over to their websites and Twitter pages to see what they are up to … Once you’ve found them, write down their names and Twitter user names:
 Twitter Name & Username

Step 4 – Automatically send new followers a welcome message

One great way to greet your new followers is to send them a welcome message when they start following you.
You can add a link to your message which then points them to your website.
Head over to Crowdfire and set up a free account. It’s a great tool for sending welcoming messages and it also allows you to set up several different messages that can be rotated. You can see which ones work best for you and adjust as necessary.

Step 5 – Follow the people who follow your competitors and influencers

There are several ways you can do this but the most efficient way is to set up an account on tweepi. Once you’ve created your account, use the ‘by @user’s followers’ tool to find people to follow. To do this, enter the username of the first person whose followers you want to find. You can also add as and when you require. Repeat this process and move on to the next influencer once you have exhausted one.
Try to keep a daily log of how many followers you have, how many you have added, and which influencer / competitor you added them from.
After 5 days, start using the ‘Not Following Back’ tool on tweepi every day to remove people who haven’t followed you back.
Although this may sound like a time consuming task, it should take just 5-10 minutes per day.

Step 6 – Set up an automatic feed of great quality content for your Twitter account

Again using BuzzSumo, find the websites and RSS feeds of 5 top influencers in your market who consistently publish great content and write them down below:
Name and Feed URL

Next head over to Twitterfeed and setup a free account. Add the feeds from the 5 sources that you wrote down in Step 6.

Step 7 – Make a list of people who share content in your market

Head to BuzzSumo and use the ‘Content Research’ tab to find out what the most shared articles on your topic or industry are.
Click on ‘View Sharers’ and find all the people who have shared these articles.
Make a note of say the top 30 to 50. These are people you can reach out to in your future posts in the hope they will share your content.
It’s good idea to follow them too. Twitter has a follow limit of 1,000 per day. Whilst it’s extremely unlikely you will reach this number, it’s worth noting.
Keep a record of these people in a separate spreadsheet, together with any notes about their interests etc.

Step 8 – Find relevant Hashtags and any Retweet Groups

Make a list of relevant hashtags for your posts, and try to find some appropriate retweet groups you can use.

Step 9 – Set up an automated repeat queue for your Content

Compose a new tweet for each of your articles, with a link to it.
You can use various scheduling tools to do this, however we use Hootsuite which is very easy to use and up to a certain point is free … Hootsuite will schedule to automatically post all of these tweets in rotation as and when you want them to go out (i.e. the best times).

Step 10 – Scheduling

Once your account is all set up then you can run all of your scheduled tweets for the day, week or even month if you so wish.
This is a great time saving tool and by spending an hour or so on the scheduling software will probably sort your posts out for you for the week ahead. There are some great help menus on Hootsuite so it won’t be long until you get the grasp of it.
However be careful you don’t schedule everything … every now and again you will want to tweet some live and relevant information to your followers so you can mix this into the content too.
Constantly engage with your followers, build relationships, and retweet their tweets and always thank people for retweets. Follow people back and don’t be a diva !!
Keep lists of people who are receptive to your content so that you can reach out to them. Keep on the lookout for content that your followers will be interested in, and share it.
Make all this a part of your daily routine, even when you haven’t got a specific article to promote.

Step 11 – For each new article you want to promote

This part shows you what to do when you have a new article or piece of content that you want to promote and get more traffic
Compose a tweet with a link to the article. Include an image, an enticing headline, relevant hashtags and any retweet groups. Mention any relevant influencers in the tweet but don’t make it too long.
Send the tweet a few times over a couple of days with different hashtags and different headlines.
Reach out to your fans (people who have shared your content before) and ask them to share it.
Reach out to non-followers who share similar content with an “I thought you might be interested in this…” tweet. Hopefully you will get a retweet and a follow!
Add the tweet to your queue in Hootsuite so it gets repeated, so more people will see it … And that’s it!
You are now well on the way to a growing your Twitter fans who share your content and send traffic to your website. All for free!
And if you liked this article, please do tell your friends. Remember, you’re on the lookout for quality content to share!

Step 12 – Create Lists

Within your Twitter account you can create lists and segment all of the people and companies you follow.
Its simple to do … just go into your profile, then lists and then you can create as many lists as you want however we advise you to keep it simple so you can track it quicker and effectively.
Examples of list categories would be influencers, competitors, news, local, global, etc … you get the drift!

To sign off

We hope that by using these 12 steps it will help and support you and your business in re-defining your Twitter account.
If you would like any further support on anything ‘digital’ then please get in touch.

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