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Technology rules our lives. Even the Greeks were aware of its powerful influence. They gave us the name ‘technology’, defined by Jacob Bigelow in 1829 as

“…principles, processes, and nomenclatures of the more conspicuous arts, particularly those which involve applications of science, and which may be considered useful, by promoting the benefit of society, together with the emolument of those who pursue them”.

Keep up-to-date with trending tech in 2018.

Trending tech at Google

Google Adwords to become Google Ads. Google is currently undergoing a comprehensive digital reorganisation in response to changes in technology such as the plethora of mobile devices and the behaviour of consumers in their use of social media and videos. It has just announced its Adwords, DoubleClick and Analytics 360 will be now be known as Google Marketing Platform, Google Ads and Google Ad Manager. Most of the original features will remain with more added to enhance advertising over a number of platforms. They will now be in a better position to compete with other powerful marketing platforms such as Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and others. Web Adept UK offers a number of online marketing packages in which they can make use of Google Ads on your behalf.


It’s good to be aware that Google owns Youtube and will favour websites using this platform. Videos also provide more content and easy engagement for browsers. A win-win situation then, but it’s also vital to know that videos uploaded and embedded incorrectly will massively slow down your website. Do take care. If you are unsure then do seek the services of a professional agency such as Web Adept UK.

Control Central

Look out for digital centralisation. It offers more and more consumers the convenience of controlling numerous smart devices from one control panel. This is already available for homeowners where heating, lighting, music, security and even cooking can be controlled from a smartphone. Horticultural businesses employ digital controls for temperature, watering, lights and even picking products in time for market.

When Speed is of the Essence

By 2019 5G internet could be providing a service 10 times faster than 4G. The mind boggles. Your smartphones could offer a much faster service than your home internet. We already know consumers are using their phones for more and more transactions. What will the future look and feel like with 5G technology?

Old but Gold – Safety First is always a trending tech

Get an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate to comply with Google’s security rules or risk being labelled ‘Not Safe’. An SSL is a small piece of data that digitally binds cryptographic keys with your organisation’s details to activate a padlock and https protocol to facilitate secure connections between a web server and your browser. An SSL is commonly used to secure credit card details, transfer of data, logins and browsing on social media. The SSL needs to be installed on your browser to establish a secure connection with all web traffic. When installed the application protocol also known as HTTP will change to HTTPs. The s stands for secure. Depending on the type of SSL package you choose your browser may also display a padlock or a green bar. Your SSL certificate will keep your data secure, increase your Google ranking, enhance customer trust and improve your conversion rates.

Pillow Talk

In need of a good night’s sleep after all of that techi input? Want to be fresh as a daisy in readiness for whatever the next day has in store for you? Maybe you need a ZEEQ Smart Pillow created by the lifestyle bedding gurus REM-fit. This super pillow does everything you would expect of a pillow and a whole lot more. It can even stop you snoring. It looks like a pillow and feels like a pillow but this smart product is far from sleepy. While you are enjoying a peaceful slumber it will be hard at work. ZEEQ is filled with the latest technology discreetly wrapped in comfy memory foam. It can read you a bedtime story, sing you to sleep, track and analyse your sleeping patterns, intervene when you snore and wake you at the most beneficial time of your sleeping pattern. You will be hard-pressed to find another bed partner like it. Sweet dreams.

Remember Web Adept UK is on hand to help you with Web Design, Online Marketing and offer a number of useful Support packages. They can help always help with trending tech but when it comes to snoring, however, sorry, you are on your own!

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