Training in the Capital of Wales – Marketing Workshop

Web Site / Serach Engine Marketing / Social Media Workshops 2011

Web Site / Serach Engine Marketing / Social Media Workshops 2011

As the summer ends… boooo…. we are now being asked to start putting together Internet Marketing Training Workshops for a number of providers to be delivered in South Wales and specifically around Cardiff. The outlines below are for prodominately Tourism Organisations but they can be tailered to all sectors of industry. We can tailer these Internet and Search Engine Marketing Workshops because we have experience of a majority of sectors that are out there.

Web Adept offer the full range of jargon free workshops that will benefit any business that is out there that wishes to get more for their money when marketing. Here are a few outlines of a number of marketing workshops we’re delivering over the next few months:
Facebook: With over 750 million active users globally, Facebook is the largest social networking site in the world. There are over 1.33 billion years spent on Facebook every month by users, averaging 1 out of every 8 minutes spent on the internet. Businesses have began to engage their customers in a way that has never been seen on any other internet based platform. Passive engagement with customers means that businesses can actively communicate new products, special offers, and informative information to their ‘fans’ at almost zero cost. With Facebook being one of the most techy sites out there, it is of paramount importance that businesses set up their pages in the in the right way to maximise their efforts to engage existing, old, and new customers. Attending this seminar will clearly explain how use Facebook to increase website traffic, brand awareness, and effective engagement with customers.
Twitter: Twitter is a micro-blogging social networking site often considered the SMS of the internet. With over 200 million people worldwide using the site, Twitter is the easiest way to communicate with a global audience of like-minded people about topics of any description. Business use twitter to update industry-related information about their brand, new developments, product launches, etc. Linking ‘tweets’ with URLs allows businesses to attract web traffic to particular areas of their website. Carefully created ‘tweets’ can be virally marketed by 1000s of people in seconds across the internet. This platform if used effectively can increase website traffic, customer service, and PR endeavours instantaneously.
Blogs: Officially a blog is labelled as a ‘web-based log’. This is one of the oldest forms of ‘social media’ on the internet. Blogs allow businesses to humanise their brands, products, and events. Blogging for business will increase your website’s Google ranking, add credibility to your brand, and allow readers to gain a better understanding of why they should engage your business. During the workshop, attendees will be able to understand what makes a blog stand out from the competition and how to best broadcast their businesses message.
E-Marketing: E Marketing or Electronic Marketing (in this case) is still one of the most cost effective and powerful forms of digital marketing for all sizes of business. It often forms the basis of marketing strategies, as it is inexpensive, reliable and the return on investment (ROI) can be very high. All can be monitored for effectiveness through a number of stats platforms so the strategies can be tweaked to perform better each time. This ‘jargon free’ workshop will give you that ‘Big Picture Overview’ and a list of tips and ideas that you can use immediately within your business.
By Angus Findlay

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