Top tips for homeworking – Coronavirus/COVID-19 Action Plan for 2020.

We’ve recently been talking about SEO top tips for 2020, and surviving the winter storms, we were then looking forward to welcoming spring with a fully functioning website – that really does what you need it to. But then, who knew? Suddenly the news came spreading from the east of the spread of Coronavirus and everything changed.

We’ve not seen the like in peacetime since, well, ever? All music and sporting events cancelled; empty offices; pubs, restaurants and leisure centres shut down; empty supermarket shelves and deserted streets; these are unprecedented times.

Along with SEO tips, we’d also been talking recently about the issue of reliability of published information in the public arena; of fake news and the subsequent value of trust, making it a valued commodity. In times of crisis, this becomes even more vital.

Disinformation can cause distress, confusion and even panic. Just visit your local supermarket to buy milk and toilet roll – Britain has rushed out and spent an extra £1bn on food and household products over the past two weeks. Sometimes we just need to re-focus and use the information available to help us re-focus and ‘carry on’.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with our own Coronavirus working plan and some top tips to help you through:

Top tips for homeworking – Coronavirus/COVID-19 Action Plan for 2020.

What are we doing about it?

What should you do?

What should your home-working routine look like?

Home working plan 1:

So you’ve been sent home to face your first stint of homeworking. Brilliant. You’ve always dreamed of the chance to manage your own time, wear what you want, eat when you want go to bed when you want.


Set the alarm for late o’clock, or actually, no need to set it at all (especially after finishing that box-set at 1.30am). Get up around 10 – no point getting dressed (or washed for that matter), slop around in pjs ‘til 11, then have a glance at a few emails.


Quick snack of some cold pizza, then take the dog for a walk – still in pjs of course. Make a few calls while you’re out – probably difficult to hear because of the wind or the dog barking, so head back home.


Back home for the Skype conference call (remembering to fling on a smartish jumper over the pjs) and then, ah now it’s now gone four, so looks like wine o’clock while you fire off a few replies, mostly saying that normal working will resume…’I don’t know when’…

If this sounds like a plan – then quite frankly that’s a worry. So we’ve listed our tips on how your home-working really should look: 

Home working plan 2:

How can we help?

Difficult times, call for innovative measures. Your digital presence is now more important than ever, now that people will be restricted in travel, so vital to ensure that your platforms are all functioning as they should

So, there we have it. Our homeworking tips to get you through coronavirus and some distance solutions to help you keep functioning and help you to keep delivering your content to where it needs delivering. If you would like a FREE 30 minute consultation, then get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!

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