The 5 B2B ‘Be’s of Social Media

Today is 29th February. An event which, like the Olympics, only happens once every 4 years. It’s seen as an oddity – or perhaps, an irritation for those who happen to celebrate their birthday on 29th February. As some of the female population may be taking the opportunity to embrace tradition and propose to their loved ones today, we thought we’d look at how businesses might use social media to woo other businesses and customers and embark on a beautiful relationship with them…

Be Prepared
As anyone thinking of proposing marriage will know, there are certain benefits to being prepared. Plan your venue, choose a ring (or have the sense to know that this should be a joint venture), think of what you are going to say. The same applies when you’re planning to cultivate relationships with other businesses, or with customers, through social media. Choose which social media platform (or platforms) you are going to use with care, decide what you are going to be promoting on social media and choose the right language to engage with your target audience – or audiences.
Be Bold
29th February is all about being bold. In fact, some might say the whole premise of this being a day when women ‘are allowed’ to propose is slightly distasteful in 2016, but the origins of the tradition were undoubtedly about allowing women to be bold when society otherwise required their subservience. A great social media strategy offers businesses – particularly small businesses or new ventures – the opportunity to be bold in their communications; to engage directly and to get their stories out there. It’s a great opportunity – and the even better news is that as a business owner, you aren’t restricted to one day every 4 years!
Be Engaging
As a business owner looking to use social media, you want to engage with your target audiences just as our lovestruck Juliets will be looking to engage their Romeos today. As part of the preparation phase, take time to understand what your intended audience is interested in and how your product or service will make their lives infinitely better. Then create engaging and original content to get that across – think of all those amazing marriage proposals you’ve read about (or more likely seen posted on Facebook in glorious video). How many of them were turned down? If social media is to be believed, it’s usually happy ever after, and so it can be for your business given time, thought and engaging content.
Be Persistent
There’s a fine line between persistence and being arrested for harassment – we know this. We don’t suggest that you engage in any form of online stalking, but persistence is fine and will generally be rewarded. Follow those businesses or customers that you are looking to engage with. Like their posts. Answer questions they pose if you are in a position to do so. Don’t bombard them with comments, retweets or shares, but a measured approach will pay off. Demonstrate that you are in for the long haul, not just a quick win.
Be Resilient
Sadly, just because you ask someone to marry them, it doesn’t mean they will say yes – or at least not straight away. Not only persistence, but resilience will be required in ways of running successful business social media as it is in ways of the heart.
Embarking on a focussed campaign to engage with other businesses and customers on social media can be just as nerve wracking as a marriage proposal, and have just as big an impact on the success of your business as popping the question could have on your life. Consider us here at Web Adept as your digital ‘agony aunt’, source of top tips and advice to help you structure your social media strategy, choose the right platforms create engaging content and deliver those ‘yes’ responses you’re looking for this Leap Year!

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