Ten good reasons why your business needs Instagram

There are a multitude of social media platforms out there so it becomes more difficult to keep up.
However, bear in mind that Instagram should be one of the social media platforms that you should be using for your business.
instagram image 2Why ?? … Image and video have become and are becoming a major part of how we digitally communicate to our suspects, prospects and clients.
With mobile dominating the digital world and phones screens being made bigger its recognised that we are living in a massive visual age.
Visual communication has become very important indeed as part of our marketing strategies. What we see speaks to us.
The growth of Instagram since its launch in 2010 will not then come as a surprise. Over 400 million people are now using it every month, sharing over 80 million images daily and ‘liking’ each other’s content 3.5 billion times per day!. There are already over 200,000 advertisers on Instagram and businesses are starting to recognise just how important this engaged community of mobile users is.
Since Instagram launched its business platform its become a fast-growing platform.
To help you we have collated 10 reasons why small and medium sized businesses should get into Instagram and use this as part of their digital stratergy.

  1. Facebook with Instagram … a natural progression

 Instagram is now owned by Facebook (after taking it on in 2012). The two portals work great together. So if you can use Facebook you will have no problem in getting used to Instagram.
It will become easy to  use both platforms within your marketing strategy. If you know how to target people on Facebook then Instagram is done in the same way

  1. Find your audience on Instagram

 With 400 million people using Instagram every month, you’ll find your customers easy.
Companies targeting millennial’s have had particular success –our research found that users aged between 18 and 34 are especially engaged, with 74.7% taking action based on a post they’ve seen.
There are stats that back up that you get ridiculously high engagement with the photo format.

  1. Tell your story

 If your business can show off visual content (e.g. florists, sports goods, catering and such like) then Instagram is perfect. Posts featuring the your companies products and creations will engage a passionate following.

  1. Video is key

 Video content shared on Instagram works wonders for engagement and reaching wider audiences.
It’s the perfect format for companies to show people who may not have heard of your company. The key to video ad success is very simple …  striking video that explains your service / product, plus an all-important call to action button.

  1. If you have a mobile product or service, it’s the perfect marriage.

 If you have an app based business then the combination of the two visual platforms is a perfect match when it came to engaging new users.  However, make sure you only publish content that respects the Instagram user experience.

  1. Let Instagram users discover you

 Consumers love to discover and share new things. This is great news for businesses and brands, because they can organically build audiences very quickly this way. Instagram is an important discovery platform.

  1. You can engage like never before

 Instagram is where people care. They indulge in their passions and engage with the subjects closest to their hearts and what that are really interested in – be it art, animals, travel, fashion or food.
If 3.5 billion likes per day aren’t evidence enough of high engagement, consider this: a study from research firm Forrester found that Instagram delivered up to 120X more engagement than other popular social networks.
That’s why companies looked at Instagram to promote engagement. What do your customers care about?

  1. Go Global

 Pictures are a ‘global visual language’ as Instagram breaks down language by allowing brands to capture attention through images. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world or what language you speak … Visual language speaks every language in the world
If you add into the mix Instagram’s targeting capabilities (same as Facebook’s ), you can focus on whichever target market you have your sights set on.

  1. Instagram has the functionality and flexibility of Facebook

Undoubtedly Facebook is the master of Social Media platforms and we all seem to know our way around it.
The good news is that if you want to market on Facebook with sponsored ads you can replicate the same post out to Instagram .
This will seamlessly blend campaigns and make an even bigger impact.

  1. Get Going Today !!!!

 The beauty of Instagram as a marketing platform is that it’s all right there … on a mobile phone that’s in your pocket.
Ready to get started on Instagram today? Get more information here on how we can help you.

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