Tech Trends – What’s New with Google Ads?

In just one short blog, we bring you up to speed with Google Ads – and help you cross the road safely (yes, seriously!)
We are all aware that keeping up with trends is important to some people – but not to others…..
On one side, there’s the type who arrive at the midweek meeting noisily and late; still happily sporting the type of hand knitted jumper you were forced to wear at school – to the great amusement of other kids. They plonk themselves down: late, because their Nokia 3310 of course hasn’t pinged the meeting time-change; noisily, because they are now hauling notebooks out of a canvas messenger bag.

The other trend following extreme?

Well, they were the sniggering kids at school, dressed in big-name branded sweatshop acrylic. Now, they’re addicted to smart-phones; credit cards maxed keeping up with fads; updating Facebook every 20 minutes. They’re also in the mid-week meeting but have barely glanced up – for fear of missing out on terribly important updates. They’re the type that will almost certainly get run over by a bus while crossing the road one day, eyes still glued to the screen….
So, if you want to find the happy balance between a trip to A&E and lumpy, itchy jumpers (sorry knitting fans) then read on. We follow the latest trends in tech, so that you can get on with life (and cross the road safely…)

Google Adwords is renamed Google Ads

The Google Adwords brand is no more! After nearly 18 years (a lifetime in tech!) the brand has been renamed as ‘Google Ads’ (July 24th, 2018). Unusually, rather than issuing a press release, the announcement was made by Google during a big press conference, at YouTube’s creator space in New York. That in itself tells us that this event is worth taking note of, and worth keeping up with!

Why did Google change AdWords to Google Ads?

Sridhar Ramaswamy, the senior vice president for Google Ads, says that the company has been getting “consistent feedback” over the past few years that the plethora of ad products and brands could be confusing for advertisers. “This is a primarily a name-change” he assures us. Well, not quite Sridhar, but more of that later…
The re-brand intends to streamline the umbrella brands of Google and their advertising products, making it easier for businesses to advertise across all channels – and also to take advantage of advances in reporting and forecasting technology.
Ramaswamy says it will serve as “the front door for advertisers to buy on all Google surfaces,” including general search, YouTube videos, display ads, Google Play ads, or even location listings in Google Maps.
The new Google Ads brand is a wider statement about Google as a whole, signalling that they offer a full suite of advertising products across Google, including Search, Display and Video.

How will this change affect you?

Google claim that it will simplify and consolidate the various brands and solutions for advertisers. The publishing aspect of Google Ads core product will not change, but as with every re-brand, there have been changes to the look, feel and use. Better use of marketing automation is now available as well as access to new ad types. No need to worry about your old URLs: The AdWords will automatically send you to the new brand: and the usual help pages:
At the same time as re-branding, Google has also launched a product called: Smart Campaigns. This will become the default platform for SMEs, allowing them to use the advertising platform to target a specific response. This may be phone queries, shop visits or online purchases, whichever suits their business operations. Google Ads will then use machine learning to shape images, text and targeting to encourage customers towards these actions.
As mentioned, the re-branding of Google Ads has also featured a consolidation of other advertising products into Google Marketing Platform and Google Ad Manager. Google have assured customers that the re-branding to Google Ads will not change customers’ campaign performance, navigation, or reporting, either in performance or operation.

Google’s Ad products – separated into three brands. 
  1. Google Ads (I think we’ve covered this!)
  2. Google Marketing Platform – this combines DoubleClick Digital Marketing and Google Analytics (remember our recent blog?) and Analytics 360, the paid subscription for those using more advanced analytics tools. Under that umbrella, Google is also announcing a new product called Display & Video 360, which combines features from DoubleClick Bid Manager, Campaign Manager, Studio and Audience Centre. The Marketing Platform includes a new Integrations Centre. Users can view all their products in one place with all the various ways they can connect their Google tools.
  3. Google Ad Manager – a platform that combines Google’s monetization tools for publishers, namely DoubleClick Ad Exchange and DoubleClick for Publishers.

One result of all this consolidation, is that the DoubleClick brand is also being removed. The look and feel are going to change a little, but the core functionality will not, say Google

Trends at Google:

Google is highlighting the need for collaboration between marketing performance and measurement
The Google Marketing Platform reflects the fact that Google has recognised and is responding to a growing need for collaboration. They want customers to use the platform to bring brand and performance marketing teams together with the measurement team.
Managing Director for Platforms, Dan Taylor, says the Google Marketing Platform is a recognition and response to a growing need for collaboration: “We’ve seen marketers get the most value of our products when they use ads and analytics solutions together, our best customers are doing that on a regular basis and seeing results….”

We follow the trends for you!

Amazing! Either by pure chance, or due to the fact that we really are on the case, can we point you again to our previous blog on Google Analytics (measurement), then to this one: Google Ads/Marketing Platform (marketing). Maybe Google are just following our lead(!?), but we’ll let you decide….
Either way, if you prefer to have other people both knit your jumpers and keep an eye on trends, then give us a call. We’d love to hear from you!
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