Social Media – Where to begin

The Social Revolution continues!  It shows no signs of letting up. Social Media is a many headed monster, growing and morphing to bring more and more people in.
Think of all those potential customers, looking for products and services through the many online platforms available.  The potential of the social web is massive.  There are social channels which generate traffic, lead sales, and also act as a network building platform.
But despite all the benefits businesses have still decided not to use social media.  They have lots of excuses; lack of time and lack of direct return are just a couple of them.  But these reasons simply aren’t good enough.  No business should or even can afford to ignore social media.  As we’ve seen social media has continued to grow and seriously all companies who want a healthy online presence will need a social presence.

It’s happening.  It’s either join in or get left behind.
Protecting Your Profile
Your online presence has now gone far beyond simply holding your domain name.   We have now got to the point that your social media profiles have become as important as your domain name.  With the social web commanding such a strong influence, if another business is using a social profile which uses your company name, they could be getting opportunities that should be yours.
You really have to secure your company name on all the major social channels.  You have to secure yourself a Twitter account, a company page on Facebook, and getting a Google+.  Someone could be acting as you somewhere online.
Doing the Social Media Minimum
You’ve set them.  It can’t have taken long out of your day.  So why don’t you use a little bit of time to just fill in some basic information to make them look good.  Even if you can’t find the time to actively use your new social media profiles just having them there will still attract attention – it’s the power of social media.
Your profiles do have to look good.  That is as easy as uploading your logo and customising the background so it looks in keeping with your brand and your business.  These social profiles also need to have your contact information.  Social media can serve as a wonderful free platform for you to gain more business.  Some basic information on your business written in a friendly and interesting tone (and always including a call to action) is the final piece to a social media profile.
We understand that, for whatever reason, many businesses are convinced that social media isn’t for them. If this is you, why not just spend half an hour protecting your online identity. Once it’s done you can forget about it, and if you do it right, it might even generate some new business.
What have you got to lose?
We are fully versed in how to get the most from the social web and operate on the understanding that ANY business can benefit from being more ‘social’. We also offer a profile setup service and a range of social media management packages.
Interested? Please feel free to give us a call.
By Angus Findlay

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