Social Media Revolution 2013 – Still to come to Pembrokeshire

Social Media – Why we need to get involved in Pembrokeshire

This youtube video is a great eye opener to the any SME business not involved with Social Media. It shows that even though you don’t use it, maybe your friends don’t use social platforms like Facebook or Twitter, many millions do. Also many millions may also only use social platforms as they’ve moved on from Google’s ‘old news’ and also the many millions may want to buy your services but if you don’t want to be involved you miss out.
Watch this and then think on how you’ll use it…..

At Web Adept we have the ability to set up your social platforms properly, manage them for 6 months and then help you take control of them so to keep your over heads down. We also believe social streams should come from the business and not from a 3rd party, you just need to get started somewhere. It is a massive and scary to start but we can help you through it.
Call us on 01437 72 00 33 or email now to start a conversation about using social media platforms.
By Angus Findlay

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