How Social Media Marketing supports your SEO

I often get asked how the content I put on my social media channels help with the visibility of my website and getting it up the Google rankings.
Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media Marketing can all be organised, planned and executed separately, however by utilising them together correctly, you can give yourself a digital strategy to success.
When I say a ‘strategy’ I am talking about making them work in association with each other. It’s far more effective if you use these strategies in conjunction with one another, which compliment and enhance your efforts to get seen amongst your competitors.
Great content amplifies your SEO campaign by creating more links and supporting certain key phrases and social media feeds into your campaign by amplifying its reach.
But how exactly does social media play such a big part in SEO? … Lots of people ask me how can a social media marketing campaign improve organic search rankings so I thought I would write a blog on this so I can share with you some free knowledge. If however you need any further information then just call us on 01437 720033 or contact me here.

Your Profile Info

One of the first steps when you set up any social media platform is to complete your profiles with information about your company. This information will go from name, address and phone number to completing mission statements and values.
It’s so important to complete this with accuracy as this is ‘indexable content’ and it can indirectly help your local rankings. Many third-party review sites scan social media profiles for local business information, which they then compile into entries on their site.
Google uses these entries to form its own standard formatting for local business, which means filling out your social media profiles could improve getting your business found and seen online.

Inbound links

Google takes a large amount of information into account when hunting out the information from a users search. In particular there are 2 factors, which I believe, are up there. The first is relevance and the second is authority.
The ‘relevance’ is measuring how appropriate it meets the needs of the given search enquiry.
The ‘authority’ is how trustworthy or respectable the source is. To put this simply, the more, higher-authority links you have pointing to you, the higher you’re going to rank.
This is why social media is important to SEO as their operational platforms. The links in Facebook posts, tweets from twitter and various sharing and interaction capabilities of the multitude of social sites impact on your search rankings directly.
This interaction amplifies itself by relating to the content provided and can result in it attracting more inbound links from sources.

Reach out by using multiple Social Media Platforms

There is no doubt that any information that is put on any social media channels has the ability to reach a ridiculous amount of people all around the globe.
Create an article on social media and send the same message out on different social media channels so that it can reach hundreds and thousands of potentially new customers. If they are interested in what you have to say they will share and interact therefore increasing the spread of your post.
Posting your content on social media could open the door to another path of social media visibility.
Wouldn’t it be even better if a blogger, journalist, editor or otherwise came across this and shared it with their mass audiences?
This will result in social media massively increasing the breadth and potential of your inbound link profile.
Posting your content on social media could open the door to more visibility. Google now indexes content from Facebook, Twitter and more social media platforms will follow. If your content gets engagement and the timing is right then your post could directly show up in search results which gives you the exposure you want and need.
Keys for long-term success
We can get as complicated as you like with all of this and give you stats and figures that will blow your mind however its evident that your social media campaign can and will improve your search rankings.
Here are some tips and a summary of ‘things to do and check’ with regards to best practices:
Check & complete your profiles – Make sure that every box is ticked and every question is answered … remember, all the questions are there for a reason so take time to complete them all and make sure you regularly review to make sure they are correct and relevant.
Promote your content via social media – Content promotion is a great shortcut to greater search engine visibility. Make sure you make use of every social media platform that is applicable to your business.
Get Sharing (and get shares) – Publish content that is meaningful, interesting, relevant and engaging. If content ticks all of these boxes then you will have a high potential for people to share your information. This will get you more social signals, more inbound links, and more audience members which then creates more customers and more profit !
Engage with the big boys and major influencers – Make some effort to hunt down and interact with influencers. They represent major opportunities to multiply your audience and be seen.
With these tips you can get your social media campaigns integrated into a strategy which should help with your SEO. Social media may only be part of to your strategy but it’s a very important one so make sure its polished and gives you the best and biggest opportunity to reach new customers and to get you up those Google rankings.
Without saying any more, we would love you to ‘share’ this blog with your audiences by using our share buttons below. If you need any further information on web site creation, online marketing, blogging, social media or email campaigns then get in touch with the team at Web Adept … we would love to hear from you.

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