Social Media: What should you do over the Festive Period?

The Festive Season is upon us, the christmas lights are up and the staff parties have been and gone.  However, if you are a business with any sort of online presence your customers will not have stopped for the holidays.  In fact, as online-sales increase we know that people’s internet use actually increases a lot over the December – January period.
So how should your business deal with your social media platforms over Christmas?
Well obviously it depends on your business, employee’s and what you are selling.  But basically you have two options.
1. Bother
2. Don’t Bother

Option 1: Bother

For SME’s maybe you could consider appointing one person to keep an eye on your social media channels over the Christmas break, just checking in once or twice a day and sharing a Christmas themed message or image could be a nice way of interacting with your potential customers. Keeping an eye on the social media is a good idea because it means that if one of your customers has a problem with one of your products someone will be on hand to help out.  Or you could go a step further and even create a big-buzz or join in with the buzz like the big players such as Marks and Spencer,

Option 2: Don’t Bother

Now this option isn’t really as brutal as it sounds. You and your business work hard all year, and you deserve a well-earned break.  So don’t be ashamed if you decide you want to take a break over the holiday season.  What is key is transparency.  So if you do opt for a break make sure it is clear on your website, and your social media, and set up an auto-response on your email letting people know what support is available and when you will be back and able to offer your full service again.

Option 3: Plan, plan and plan!

So, we lied, and there is a third option for your social media marketers over Christmas, and that is to plan!  If you want the time off but still want to keep it fresh in case any body does stumble across you online then we would recommend scheduling.   You can schedule blogs on your website to come out at a particular time, tying them up with a festive special offer and tweets and Facebook posts. It’s all just a matter of planning and getting organised!


If you’re selling anything, especially holidays and breaks we would say that it is worth keeping your ear down to the social-media ground.  Plan a loose marketing structure based on the Christmas period.  Boxing Day is one of the most popular days of the year to book holidays so what about a special offer posted over your social media channels, consider just scheduling them in a programme such as Hootsuite so you can enjoy the time off!
Saying that though, we have scheduled a few blog posts, tweets and Facebook  status’ to go out during the Christmas break, however we are out of the office until 5th of January, so if you need assistance over the Christmas break than send an email to and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.
– Happy Christmas from the Web Adept team!

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