Snapchat is Now the Third Most Popular Social Network

What is Snapchat?

Well in case you’ve been hiding under a rock these last couple of years,Snapchat is a mobile messaging application which allows users to send photos, videos, text and drawings which self destruct a few seconds after a person has viewed them.Snapchat for business - Logo
It allows it’s users to a take a photo or video and then add a caption, doodle or lens graphic over the top to send to friends. Users can add the above to their “story” for a 24 hour collection of everything that’s been going on.

Snapchat’s Increasing Popularity

According to Bloomberg, Snapchat has now surpassed the 150 million daily active users mark, up from 110 million when it reported back to potential investors in December 2015.

Snapchat Daily Active Users in Millions(Image via Techcrunch)

To put this in to some sort of context, Snapchat’s jump to 150 million daily active users has been done within around 4 years. Facebook took 5 years to reach the same number and Twitter has around 136 million daily active users as of now.
Based on these figures, Snapchat could now be, justifiably, considered one of the top 3 social media networks in the world.
There are on average 10 billion+ video views on the platform every day, with the average 25-30 minutes being the average daily session time per user.
With these numbers it’s easy to see why more and more businesses and marketers are trying to understand how they can utilise the platform better to market their brand to their potential audience.

Snapchat for Business

Among the many things we love about Snapchat is it allows marketers to become there own content producers by creating entertaining, informative experiences that get people interested in their brand and coming back.
We’ve seen an increase in businesses using Snapchat to open the doors to the public and showing there customers what it’s like behind the scenes. Customers tend to like this transparency and it makes them feel like they’re an insider within the brand’s community.
You can even create your own On-Demand Geo filters. These are great for allowing Snapchatters’ to send your message to friends.
Snapchat for business geofilters
In fact you can get great content to you customers with very little effort. If you’re not using Snapchat for business yet, it’s certainly something you should be looking in to.
Don’t forget, Web Adept can assist you with all your social needs.

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