Simple Ways to boost your 2015 SEO Plan

Another year has gone by and the guys over at Google are getting smarter and smarter.  Any business with an online strategy at all is aware that falling foul of one of Google’s algorithm updates is a nightmare that many online businesses fail to recover from.  Online marketers all over try and track and pick up Google’s subtle hints about what it thinks makes a good website in order to fall in line with it.  But why?  Well, because, if Google doesn’t think much of your website then it won’t index in high enough in the Search Engine Rankings for anyone else to get to see it!
So, what do the online marketers think Google will be praising highest in 2015?
Well since the ‘Pigeon’ update the sites which are still exhibiting the signs of lazy or malicious search engine tactics felt a real drop in their search engine results so it would seem that the Google message will continue to be ‘Be Awesome’!
You should be putting your effort into working towards making your site great and useful, not putting your effort and resources into bad-links or trying to fool Google into believing that you’ve got a more successful website than you have. So how do you achieve  the ultimate and ‘Be Awesome’ then?  Well there are several things to move away from in 2015, tactics which seem outdated and lazy and which are beginning to be penalized.
1.  Very little content on a page.  It’s all very well just saying what you sell and offering an easy way to buy it but what’s becoming increasingly important is a customer or visitors access to relevant information immediately.  A few sentences will no longer cut it.
2. Spam-like.  Overstuffing your website with key-words has long been a SEO no-no but it would seem as though this was becoming increasibgly important.  Huge lists of what you sell or where you sell it does not help the customer, and as we said before Google is beginning to view websites more and more like a customer and less and less like a mindless machine.
3.  Homepage Content – Add more information to your homepage!  Make it relevant, keep the attractive banner and contact details but make sure that right from the word Go! you are providing your visitors with useful stuff.  It’s what they and Google want.
If you need some help launching your company’s online marketing campaign into the New Year then give the team at Web Adept a call.  We can help your business get  the results you want online. From search engine marketing and content writing to total website re-designs we have the expertise to boost your online presence. Contact us now for more information.

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