4 Top Tips to Achieving Better Search Engine Ranking

Has your website dropped in the search engine rankings? Are you up to date with the algorithm updates but still aren’t seeing the benefits? There are some easy ways to make sure your site has the best chance to get it’s highest place in the rankings.
1.  Website loading time.
You have to make sure that your website loads in less than 4 seconds. As a user how many times have you just clicked off a website because you just can’t be bothered to wait for a website to load? If your site isn’t loading fast enough it could be down to a number of reasons, the number and size of the pictures is one big reason why load times can be slow. Whatever it is, get rid of it. You can tell whether people are clicking off your site by checking your Google Analytics. A high bounce rate will lower you in the rankings, and the lower your site is the less traffic and so the less sales.
2. Great Content. 
We cannot stress just how much great content will increase your ranking. If people are finding the answers they want on your website the more popular your website will become, the more return visitors you will get.  BUT putting some great content up once isn’t enough.  You need to keep refreshing your content, adding bits, amending old bits.  Keep it fresh, and keep it useful and interesting.
3. Mobile Response. Your website has to be mobile responsive. The trends for mobile internet usage are irrefutably proving that people are using their mobile devises to surf the internet increasingly.  If people are hopping onto your site on the tablets and mobiles and are finding that they had to scroll around the screen a lot to find the information they want they are simply going to leave your site and find one which works for their device.  Are you unsure as to whether your website is responsive, check it here now. In today’s world you really need to be mobile responsive.
4.  Great Web Design. Your website has to be well designed. A professional and good looking design is crucial to getting visitors in today’s market.  If someone lands on your website if they think it looks old, or unprofessional in the best case they are going to think your an out-of-date business, but worse case is that they might think you are frauds or in someway not kosher.  Great design will aid your websites bounce rate and therefore it’s search engine ranking. Poor or old web design will harm your bounce rate, and therefore it’s search engine ranking.
Follow these four simple tips and you’ll be well on your way to a better search engine ranking. Or if you’re too busy or don’t know where to start don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01437 720 033 or contact us here.

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