How do you do Search Engine Optimisation?

How do you do Search Engine Optimisation?

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This is a question we get asked all the time. “What do we need on our site to be top of Google?” “How much will it cost to get better visibility on our web site?” Sorry but there is no one answer for every web site as they are all different, offer different services and target different markets.
Here goes with some of the equation on what you have to consider to be top of the search engines:

Search and Paid Marketing Titles in a simple format:

  1. Search Engine Optimisation – Works on key phrases within content thus raising your organic listing on searches. Takes longer to get to the top but better ROI.
  2. Paid Marketing – Done through Google Adwords or Facebook Adverts. Effective but can costs a lot of money especially if not managed properly.
  3. Link Building – The more in bound links from authoritative web sites the better you do.
  4. Article Submissions – Works the same as Links except there’s more text shouting about the company and your services. Better than links but can be a shorter lifespan as they get removed with time.
  5. Article Marketing – More targeted than above and therefore can be more effective if the placements are researched correctly.
  6. Google Places – Free ‘web site’ and the more positive reviews you get the higher you go within searches for your business.
  7. Social Media – A big minefield but to start with set up a Facebook/Twitter/Google + and Foursquare account all with the same name so they are secured for your company/brand. Then you need to know how to fly them to gain the most effectiveness.
  8. Blogs – Add a blog to the server where the site is hosted and add an article a week about you, the services, case studies, the industry you work in, reviews…. A big thumbs up on this one but needs to be added to regularly.

Your Web Site:

  1. Content: Content is king so it has to be good and targeted at specific keywords on every page!
  2. Updating: The content needs to be changed/tweaked monthly. Why should anyone come back to your web site if the content is the same each time?
  3. Design: Calls to action.
  4. Design: A positive Testimonial per page
  5. Navigation: Easy to navigate, multi level navigation
  6. Navigation: Search engine friendly.

Done… Search Marketing in one post…. Well not exactly, just a few titles to consider when asking ‘How do I get to the top of the Search Engines?. How many of the list above are you ticked properly?
Here it comes… Our marketing pitch… Oh yes, we can do all of this for you. Call us to discuss how we can manage all of this for you so you start getting the results you want from your business web site. 01437 72 00 33 or email us.
By Angus Findlay

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