5 Game changers to consider when blog writing

Blog content: Without content you don’t exist.

Your website needs masses of content to keep search engine spiders happy. Blog writing is the answer. Keep your website fresh and dynamic by posting regular blogs (and by regular, we mean once a month at least!)

Don’t be daunted – Here are 5 easy rules to help you on your way.

1. Know your audience

Who are you blog writing for? Are you targeting potential new customers, existing clients or past consumers to rekindle their interest? Be sure before you start writing. If it helps, imagine that you are communicating with just one person from one of those groups, then engage him or her in “conversation”.

2. Don’t procrastinate

Pardon the language, but cut the crap. Say what you have to say. Be clear. Be bold. You are busy, and your reader is busy. They won’t have time to wade through your waffle to find out what you’re getting at. If you make it difficult, they won’t read it – it’s as simple as that.

3. Help your readers

You will need to cater for all types of reader. There are the speedy scanners, and the lovers of nitty gritty detail; organise your blog writing to help both. Use sub headings – the scanners will love them. They can see at a glance what each paragraph is about and cherry-pick what they want to read. Be engaging and your readers will feel compelled to read the whole blog, even if it is in a different order from how you intended it to be in the beginning.

4. Make your first sentence compelling

Capture the imagination of your reader in the first sentence and they will read the second. Make it short, sweet and extremely enticing. It could even be a question: Are you at a loss for web content? Would you like more people to visit your website?

5. Keep your readers engaged

Give your readers what they want. Make them feel they have something to benefit from reading. Remember, keep your audience in mind. Empathise with their feelings, problems and desires, then give them what they want.

Not sure how to write a blog? Here are some easy rules to follow:

Blog writing is powerful

Business blogs are a powerful marketing tool. They provide a bridge between your business and your social media channels and feed regular fodder to search engines. The marketing gurus at Hubspot say “Companies that blog 15 or more times a month get 5 times more traffic than companies who don’t”.  Needless to say, more blogs equals more engagement.

SO, What are you waiting for? Start blogging! You can’t afford not to.

Still daunted? You can always invest in the services of a professional copywriter. Web Adept is always ready to help, with a stock of experienced copywriters at the ready. Check out our Online Marketing Services which include Blog Writing with all important SEO.

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