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The Client

Ever wanted to move seamlessly between the gym or your sport and everyday life? Young entrepreneur Jimmy Evans spotted a gap in the ‘athleisure’ market between men’s gym wear and athletic wear and everyday clothing, so he created the Kratos brand’s stylish and comfortable high-quality multi-purpose clothing. Named after the Greek god of strength, Kratos aims to reflect the strength of men physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Strength isn’t just about having big muscles. It’s also about endurance, overcoming adversity, and maintaining compassion for the people and world around you.

As part of its mission to help people find their mental strength, Kratos has partnered with SportingMinds UK, a non-profit charity providing free one-to-one mental health support for young UK athletes. Kratos donates £1 from every sale towards SportingMinds UK. Kratos is also committed to sustainability. It uses UK-based manufacturers in partnership with Ecologi, allowing them to plant a tree for every sale. Ecologi is actively involved in carbon offset schemes, = climate positive workforce schemes, reforestation, and climate action projects. Kratos also uses fully biodegradable and compostable packaging.

kratos model

The Brief

We were asked to create a high impact, secure, and easy to navigate e-commerce website aimed at young men aged between 18 and 26 and living in the UK.

Kratos is based on highly original designs and an innovative concept, so we knew we needed to provide the new online business with an on-brand website which reflected their unique position in the men’s clothing marketplace.

And, of course, we needed to show how Kratos’s ethos made it so different when compared with other online brands. The products were also to be arranged into three sections, Legacy, Resilience, and Drive.

Combine all that with the need to showcase individual products effectively, and we knew the look of the website and the user experience would be key to the success of this business. No pressure!

kratos website on iphone

High Quality Images

The scope of high-quality professional images to transform the look and feel of a website was really evident in this project – not just in showcasing the businesses but in conveying the character, and community culture of the website.

The Solution

Thankfully, we love a challenge and adore seeing new businesses get the online shop windows they deserve!

Kratos now has a sleek and appealing e-commerce website which contains strong product images and compelling brand visuals. It’s an enticing site – you just can’t help but browse it and stay on it to look around.

We made it easy to navigate and a functional tool for Kratos’s marketing with a news blog and newsletter sign up area to help convert one-off customers into returning visitors.

It’s all about creating that Kratos community.

As an e-commerce site, security is so important too, and we ensured that customers would feel happy to order and use its payment gateways.

Other Challenges

Kratos founder Jimmy is in his last year of university, so he’s been a little busy in the last few months. He’s been juggling getting us all the assets for the new business venture website and completing his dissertation and exams at the same time. So, he deserves huge credit for pulling it all off and getting through the launch. He’s a talented young entrepreneur and we at Web Adept are confident he’ll make a success of Kratos.

kratos website design

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